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  1. Biden's Climate Plan Can Work if it's Sea to Shining Sea

    | by Jason Scorse & David Helvarg in the Hill

    Last week President Biden made a firm commitment to transition America from polluting fossil energy to clean renewable power. We and other coastal residents are heartened by his “whole government” approach to tackling the climate crisis, especially his focus on the positive employment impacts of making smart climate investments.  However, we get concerned when the president identifies a million jobs linked to building electric cars in the industrial heartland, yet fails to note the millions of additional climate jobs that could be created in our coastal regions and on our public seas in a new blue economy. 

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    More Blue is Needed in the Democrats' Green Plan

    | by Jason Scorse & David Helvarg in the Hill

    The House Democrats’ report, “Solving the Climate Crisis,” is the most comprehensive response to the climate emergency in the history of Congress.  This is a great splash forward that all Americans should support, however it misses key elements addressed in the Ocean Climate Action Plan-Blue New Deal. With additional recommendations from the Ocean Climate Action Plan, we could both meet our climate targets and revitalize our economy from sea to shining sea.