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The Middlebury Institute master’s degree programs in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) and Teaching Foreign Language (TFL) help students significantly increase the understanding of language teaching pedagogy, theory, and research and assessment—all of which contributes to expanded career opportunities. 

These learning goals are woven throughout your entire TESOL and TFL experience:

Demonstrate Knowledge of Language, Learning, and Teaching

Articulate your approach to language learning and teaching with explicit reference to sound pedagogical principles.

Apply Expertise

  • Select appropriate materials for effective language instruction.
  • Plan productive instructional units and lessons to maximize second-language learning in all skill areas.
  • Assess student learning meaningfully through the use of various formative and summative tools.
  • Reflect critically on your teaching practice in order to build on students’ strengths and address areas for improvement.

Conduct Research in an Educational Setting

  • Understand processes of inquiry relevant to language education.
  • Plan research activities for designing language instruction, assessment, and empirical investigation.
  • Execute data collection procedures.
  • Analyze data using appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Synthesize and report research findings clearly, convincingly, and creatively for a professional audience.