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  1. News Stories

    The French Connection

    | by Clara Clymer

    Middlebury Institute alumna Carol Lin shares how her practicum at Sciences Po Bordeaux turned into a full-time job; Sciences Po Bordeaux students take advantage of Middlebury Institute offerings during their exchange semester.

  2. People

    How I Got Hired: Program Director, VIA

    | by Yuki Ueda MAIEM ’17

    “Your friends, faculty, and career advisor can help you amplify the range of your search, but only if you are vocal about the kinds of work you enjoy.” Yuki Ueda MAIEM ’17 describes how the Institute helped launch a career in experiential learning programs.

  3. Beyond Study Abroad—International Education Careers: Online Discussion Recording

    | by Grace O’Dell

    Despite challenges in international travel, there is still significant demand for international education professionals. The opportunities are not just in study abroad but also in technology, philanthropy, diplomacy, and more. Join Grace O’Dell (International Education Management career and academic advisor) for an exploration of the depth and breadth of international education careers.