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In an article published in Fortune, CNN Money and Money on June 5, Center for the Blue Economy Director Jason Scorse explains the importance of calculating the market value of what is generally considered invaluable, using the example of the value of waves to a surfer. Professor Scorse also serves as program chair for the International Environmental Policy program at the Monterey Institute – and surfs.

In the article, “Surfonomics 101,” Fortune invited Professor Scorse to explain how he and other surf-minded economists have gone about measuring the market value of a good break. Scorse says: “Basically you’re trying to determine what people would pay to surf if someone was taking tickets. Or you’re trying to determine what surfers would pay not to lose a wave.”

The innovative work being done by the CBE under Professor Scorse’s leadership was also highlighted in a recent op-ed piece by Congressman Sam Farr that appeared in the Santa Cruz Sentinel on June 8.

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