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Monterey Institute graduate David Reichbaum (MPA ’09) had been actively searching for a job for five months when Emily Newman (MAITP ’09) recommended to her supervisors that they hire David to replace her as Recycling Technician for the City of Monterey. During his studies at the Monterey Institute, David participated in the voluntary Development Practicum (DPMI plus), combining three weeks of intensive coursework with a three month internship in Peru where he worked on sustainable community building projects. He will now work with the City of Monterey to make recycling easier and more efficient through outreach and coordinating efforts across the community.

David had signed up to volunteer for the Monterey “Green Team” project without knowing that it was under the supervision of his future boss, Angela Brantley. His week-long stint as a volunteer thus in effect turned out to be one long job interview, with the formal session taking place at the end of the week.

David says searching for a job in this economy was challenging “to say the least.” While looking for a job to suit his education and interests, he supported himself through two part-time jobs working as a tutor and caterer. “Confidence, persistence, flexibility and creativity are your best assets” offers David, but he adds that the best leads will come through personal contacts. The dozens of applications he sent blindly yielded few replies, but several positive responses came through leads obtained by first-, second- or even third-hand connections.

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