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It appears the special relationship that the Monterey Institute and the Peace Corps have enjoyed for decades is only growing stronger. This year, after placing third two years in a row, MIIS ranked second in the nation in terms of number of students participating in the Peace Corps Masters International program or PCMI. Currently twenty-five MIIS students are on Peace Corps assignments in partnering countries through the PCMI program.

Further showing the strength of the connection, the Monterey Institute ranked tenth in the nation for its Paul D. Coverdell Fellowship program, launched in 2012. The fellowship, originally founded by MIIS Professor Beryl Levinger, provides graduate school scholarships to returned Peace Corps volunteers who complete a degree-related internship in an underserved U.S. community while pursuing their studies. The program is specifically reserved for students who have already completed their Peace Corps service abroad.

A degree at the Monterey Institute pairs perfectly with the Peace Corps experience. Many Monterey Institute PCMI graduates have spoken about the complimentary combination of classroom theory and fieldwork of their degree, use of advanced language skills, and how happy they are to return to Monterey after two years in the field and get an opportunity to further build on their experience in an environment where so many faculty, staff and fellow students can fully relate. For more information about the Peace Corps connection to MIIS, visit

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