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Of the sixteen graduate students chosen from a worldwide pool of candidates for the 2011 Translation and Terminology Fellowships at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), nine—or 56 percent—come from the Monterey Institute. The prestigious fellowship is a paid position for at least three months with the organization.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Intellectual Property Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations with a mandate to promote the development and protection of intellectual property rights, notably in the form of copyright, trademarks, patents and industrial designs.  Securing a fellowship with the organization is a priceless opportunity for young professionals in this burgeoning field.

Recipients of the Translation Fellowship were Jennifer Cho, Aaron Horowitz, Adam Mahowald, Camellia Nieh, Charmy Park, and Daniel Tcheng.  Recipients of the Terminology Fellowship were Emily Heo, Tatiana Ivanova and Silvia Terol.

“This is a major coup for the Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education,” says Career and Academic Advisor Jeff Wood. It’s hard to argue with that statement when MIIS students made up more than half of the winners of these prestigious fellowships worldwide this year!

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