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    The Evolution of Thinking on the Ocean Economy

    | by Rachel Christopherson

    The Journal of Ocean and Coastal Economics, Volume 8, Issue 2, features eleven papers drawn from the recent Fifth International Symposium on the Oceans in National Income Accounts.  The papers highlight an evolution in ocean economic thinking:  from defining and measuring the blue economy as statistics related to GDP,  to an information system that provides decision makers with the facts they need around marine ecosystem service flows and changes. 

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    Weekly VP Update January 7

    | by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

    Happy New Year! Since my last update at the end of the fall semester, there has been a surge in the highly-transmissible COVID-19 Omicron variant. We are monitoring the rapidly evolving situation closely and will modify our safety protocols as needed. You can keep track of any changes in protocols and practices in these weekly campus updates.

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    COVID-19 Booster Requirement

    | by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

    I am writing with updates on COVID-19 Middlebury booster requirements, testing and travel guidelines, and indoor masking update for the campus community. In this email we will address:

    - Booster Requirements: January 28, 2022 Deadline
    - Testing Guidelines
    - Travel Guidelines
    - California Masking Mandate

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    Bi-weekly VP Update December 10

    | by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

    The recent increase in COVID-19 cases at Middlebury College reminds us, in case we needed reminding, of the importance of continuing to follow our safety protocols with discipline.  In the meantime, the new Omicron variant was detected over the Thanksgiving holiday, and many cases have now been reported in the U.S. Omicron is thought to be even more transmissible than the Delta variant and might evade some of the protection provided by vaccines.