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Recent Monterey Institute graduate Julian Zhu (MACI ’12) could be considered a prime example of how social media is changing the landscape of the job search and recruiting processes for students and employers—not to mention the importance for students of building relationships with faculty members. Julian is currently working as a Terminology and Reference Intern with the International Criminal Court, Interpretation and Translation section in the Hague, the Netherlands. He found out about the opportunity by following Professor Uwe Muegge’s Twitter feed and also got helpful tips from the professor about how to get the most out of his experience. “I found that the preparatory work greatly helped my work here,” says Julian.

Later Julian found out about an opening for the position of Language Specialist at Amazon Kindle through Professor Muegge’s Twitter feed (see @uwemuegge), and again sought his advice. The two corresponded frequently throughout the application process, as Julian prepared for the interview and made a salary request. And the story has a happy ending: Julian will start his new job with Amazon in Seattle on December 17!

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