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Logo official - EPP

Monterey County Now recently published an article on End Period Poverty Monterey County, an organization started by three students at the Middlebury Institute, Lisa Motzig, Louise Marmié, and Gustav Fiere.

Three Middlebury Institute students from the French university Science Po Bordeaux, Lisa Motzig, Louise Marmié, and Gustav Fiere, have launched an organization called End Period Poverty Monterey County. This initiative was recently featured in Monterey County Now, and it advocates for providing menstrual and incontinence products to those in need. The students hope to convince the Monterey County Board of Supervisors to include funding for menstrual and incontinence products in the county’s budget.

End Period Poverty is recruiting for the upcoming semester, through which students can obtain academic credit. Motzig, Marmié, and Fiere created this organization in the framework of their coursework in the International Policy and Development program.


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