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“Tierra de Agua,” a new documentary by three Monterey Institute Public Administration students, Cristina Lopez (MPA ’13), Manuel Martinez (MPA ’13) and Richard Hansen (MPA ’13), explores the different existing dimensions (rural, urban and indigenous) in the struggle for access to water and sanitation in Nicaragua, and the historic, economic and institutional implications of that access through the lenses of the people living it daily. It was premiered on Friday, April 19th in the Irvine Auditorium as part of student-driven activities during the week leading up to Earth Day on April 22. (See full story)

The three students formed the H2Nica campaign around their desire to raise awareness and financial support to improve the environmental situation in Nicaragua. They traveled through the country during their winter break in January 2012 with support from the Monterey Institute.

“This has been a fascinating and challenging project from the very beginning,” says Manual Martinez. “Facing the struggle of the Nicaraguan communities to gain access to water and sanitation and its effects on their lives was heartbreaking. We wanted to give the opportunity to be listened to, the opportunity to say that this is wrong and it has to change.” Adds Cristina Lopez, “Working on this film has been a life-changer. It reaffirmed by belief that we can all put visions into actions and inspire change. Many people – ourselves included – thought we could not do it, but here we are, one year later after many struggles, huge challenges and incredible experiences, and all it took was belief in a good idea.”

Cristina, Manuel and Richard need your help to cover editing, marketing, and promotion costs of their film. Every dollar goes a long way!

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