Alex Newhouse is the Deputy Director of CTEC, where he focuses on right-wing extremism, religious fundamentalism, online extremism and terrorism, and terrorist propaganda. In particular, he collects and leverages large-scale social data to understand how the communities, relationships, and language of extremists evolve.

Previously, he was CTEC’s Research Lead, and before that an independent researcher and data analyst for CTEC. He also worked at Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation) on the data governance team, working on data privacy compliance issues. Before that, he spent time fighting credit card and payments fraud on PlayStation’s fraud management team.

Prior to PlayStation, Alex spent time at Uber, analyzing and contributing to its responses to natural disasters and terrorist attacks. He also has experience as a journalist.

Alex has an MA in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies from the Middlebury Institute, a BA in Political Science and English from Middlebury College, and is currently earning an MS in Analytics from Georgia Tech.

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