zoom screen shot of 12 individual zoom screens; 11 showing faces of student council members. One person with video turned off.

The Student Council composed of students from all degree programs and serves as the governing body for all students enrolled at the Institute, acting as a voice for students in communication with faculty and staff.

For a full description of responsibilities and roles, please visit the Student Council Constitution.

Executive Council

Headshot of Morgan Moore

Morgan Moore, President

Hey, there! My name is Morgan, and I am your Student Council President. This Fall, I will be a third semester joint degree IPD and ITED student with a language study in French. I am a Returned Peace Corps volunteer from Paraguay and a proud HBCU graduate. I’m very outgoing and creative, and I love baking, tap dancing, watching films, and learning new languages. I enjoy being active in almost everything MIIS has to offer including Peace Corps Club, Shades at MIIS, and MIIS Immigrant Rights Alliance. I cannot wait to serve the students through what I expect will be an interesting school year to say the least. Don’t be shy if you want to reach out and say hello! I’d love to chat and get to know you: morganm@middlebury.edu

Headshot of Chris Baca

Chris Baca, Vice President

Hola everyone! My name is Chris Baca, and I am your Student Council Vice President for the 2021-2022 school year. I am a second year IPD student focusing on migration and global governance and look forward to advocating for all students in the coming year. I am also the President of the MIIS Immigrant Rights Alliance, as well as an AmeriCorps and CLS alum and have spent the last few years working in the nonprofit sector in my hometown of San Diego, CA. I enjoy cooking, love music, painting, spending time outdoors, and/or just being lazy with Netflix. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible (both remotely and in person) over the next year. Feel free to email me at cbaca@middlebury.edu if you have any concerns/suggestions you’d like StuCo to address, or if you just want to chat about random things.

Headshot of Max Gomez, sitting on stone wall

Max Gomez, Treasurer

My name is Max Gomez and I am a second-year joint MPA/IEM student. In my first semester I made it a priority to find out the goings-on of extracurricular life at MIIS and get involved with our student body in as many ways as I could. I believe that the greatest value our time at MIIS is in the community, not just the textbook instruction. We’re attending grad school to learn and grow from our classmates as well as our professors, and I see it as the responsibility of the CEO to provide as many opportunities as possible to help promote our incredible student body to connect with one another.

Headshot of Niko

Niko Garbacz, Logistics and Operations Coordinator

Hello! I am a second-year joint MPA/IEM student who loves to help with behind-the-scenes activities. I work with our executive board on our events calendar, meeting agendas and minutes, and other organizational tasks. Please email agenda requests and other items to studentcouncil@miis.edu.

Headshot of Dani Ohemang

Dani Ohemang, Community Engagement Officer

Hi! ¡Hola! Salut! 你好! Kwai n’nidôba! I am Dani, a second-year IEM and MPA student, and your MIIS CEO, otherwise known as Community Engagement Officer. My role is to help bring the entire MIIS community together through a variety of social events and gatherings, traditional and new, on and off-campus. I want to create ways for our community to learn from each other and share skills, thoughts, and amusement outside of the classroom. If there is an event you would like to see or help organize, email studentcouncil@miis.edu and let’s work together to engage not only MiCommunity but our community.

Program Representatives - This section will be updated with 2021-2022 representatives in late September.