Student clubs or other sponsored student groups wishing to host a forum or conference may qualify for forum funding.

Forum Funding Guidelines

The Student Council encourages the academic, professional, and cultural interests of the Institute’s student clubs by supporting those students who wish to host a large-scale event such as a conference or panel. Please read below for more information.

General Overview

  • Support the academic and cultural interests of students by providing thought-provoking and insightful perspectives on international topics.
  • Bring together leading experts and professionals to share knowledge and experiences and provide opportunities to network.
  • Speakers must be professional/accredited persons to speak or perform at a forum sponsored by Student Council or a club.
  • The event should provide interpretation services when available. The Translation and Interpretation programs should be consulted.
  • Joint club sponsorship by at least two clubs increases the strength of an application.
  • There is no specification made as to whether or not there should be a balanced perspective provided on an issue, but it must be clear on whether this is the case.

Forum Funding Policies and Process

  • All forum funding proposals must be presented to the Student Council in person at a Student Council General Session meeting at least two weeks prior to the event. The requesting Club or student must submit an Agenda Request Form and receive confirmation of attendance at the Student Council meeting.
  • Click here for an example of a forum funding request presentation.
  • Forum funding proposals, submitted using the Agenda Request Form, must be complete with the following:
    • Name of Forum
    • Purpose of Forum
    • Date, Time, and Location
    • Sponsoring Club(s)
    • Contact Person(s)
    • Cosponsoring Clubs and Departments
    • General description of proposed event. Be sure to explain how this activity supports the academic and cultural interests of students.
    • Estimated Number of Attendees
    • What Translation and Interpretation’s role will be regarding interpretation
    • Marketing Plan
  • Clubs must seek funding from respective programs and departments before applying for forum funds through the Student Council.
  • The Student Council will vote on an approved amount to award for each forum. Clubs are strongly encouraged to not provide any financial compensation to speakers.
  • If a club is applying for a second forum within the same academic year, priority consideration will be given to those who have not received forum funds. This is not a guarantee for secured funds, but this will be considered.
  • Your club may not receive the full funding amount requested.