Student clubs may qualify for funding. See below for funding guidelines.

Guidelines for Club Funding

Student clubs are eligible to receive funding from Student Services on an ad hoc basis. Student clubs must complete the Funding Request form in order to request club funding from Student Services. Only approved clubs will be considered for Student Services funding.

Budget Procedures Information

  • Funding may be granted by Student Services for all, some, or none of the requested amount.
  • Student clubs should be prepared to meet some of their costs either by fundraising or by charging the participants fees, if necessary. 
  • Student clubs are accountable for how they spend funds received from Student Services.
    • Funds allocated by Student Services may not be sent to other organizations as donations, nor may they be used for activities not approved by Student Services.
  • Funds may be spent only for the activities and materials approved by Student Services. Spending for non-approved purposes may result in reimbursement refusal.
  • Clubs must follow the procedures for reimbursement and revenue. Contact the Office of Student Services for assistance.
  • Student Services will not fund meals at expensive restaurants, costly equipment, luxury goods, elaborate parties, or activities that benefit only a small number of students.
    • Entrance fees, speaker fees, film rentals, etc., will be considered legitimate expenses. Non-legitimate expenses include gas money, transportation, tickets, phone bills, and lodging. Authorization for the use of funds by individual council representatives or officers will not be accepted.
  • Funds allocated to a club from Student Services will be processed through the Student Services account. Funds will never be transferred to an outside bank account.
  • Additionally, approved student clubs are not permitted to maintain independent bank accounts. All monies, whether allocated from Student Services or those raised by the club, must be processed through the Student Services account. Generally funds will not be transferred to a separate budget account.
  • If a club plans to host a forum or conference, make sure to read through the Community Initiatives Fund policies and procedures.