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Fall 2018 official student clubs

Clubs are organized by the following themes:


Awareness and Issue-Based

Culture and Language

International and National Organizations

Sports and Recreation


Cybersecurity Student Working Group

The Cybersecurity Student Working Group is a student-led organization that strives to build cyber capabilities among the next generation of international policy professionals by enhancing understanding of issues related to cyberspace and technology in the public and private sectors and exploring how cybersecurity intersects with security, peace, and communications.

Club President: Yona Koch-Fienberg 

Club Treasurer: Alex Chau

Honor Society

The purpose of this club is to help MIIS students join honor societies either by joining chapters that are already at MIIS or by starting new chapters. We are an umbrella organization of Honor Societies from all fields, academic and otherwise, who represent academic excellence, community service, and leadership.

Club President: Jimmy Smith

Club Treasurer: Gerard Lanzano

M-Force/Net Impact

M-Force is composed of dedicated student leaders with a strong interest in introducing social entrepreneurship professional and academic activities to the campus (e.g. microfinance, B Corporation consulting, impact investing, and lecture series). Student leaders partner with the Middlebury Institute chapter of Net Impact in order to mobilize a new generation to use their careers to drive transformative change on campus, in the workplace, and in the world.

Club President: Gabriella Schlesinger-James

Club Treasurer: Lauren Howerton

MIIS International Trade Association

Through conferences, speakers, and informal forums, the International Trade Club provides opportunities for students and faculty to discuss issues not covered in the classroom in order to increase the knowledge and understanding of current trade-related affairs in the community and worldwide.

Club President: Adam Anderson

Club Treasurer: Peter Skarlatos

Terrorism Studies Club

The Terrorism Studies Club (TSC) seeks to enrich its members through a series of educational, professional, and social events. By providing a positive and multifaceted support environment, the Terrorism Studies Club aims to assist students in fulfilling their highest academic potential and embarking on successful careers as security and counterterrorism professionals.

Club President: Scott Milne

Club Treasurer: Alex Salah

Awareness and Issue-Based

Ethical Vegans at MIIS

This club aims to provide a supportive and inclusive platform for the discussion of issues involving social justice, sustainability and human health and that arise from the pervasive influence of predominant ideologies as they relate to the normalized production and consumption of animal products.

Club President: Carrie Robson

Club Treasurer: Amy Halbrooks-Fulks

Forum for Interfaith Dialogue

The Forum for Interfaith Dialogue aims to provide a platform that encourages harmonious, constructive, and educational interaction between people of diverse religious, spiritual, and humanistic backgrounds

Club President: Umile Antonio Belmonte

Club Treasurer: Nicolas Schweikhard

Geospatial Club

This collaborative club forum is for student members to explore, discuss, and utilize geospatial skills. The club will work with student members, school faculty and staff, and select professionals and institutions to develop opportunities aimed at increasing knowledge and proficiency with geospatial tools, analysis, and application. Geospatial skills will allow students to be superior professionals in their respective career fields.

Club President: Emily Werk

Club Treasurer: Scott Milne

MIIS Immigrant Rights Alliance (MIRA)

MIIS Immigrant Rights Alliance supports local advocacy groups and helping immigrant communities empower themselves.

Club President: Binh Ngo

Club Treasurer: Taryn Kearns

Muslim Student Alliance

The MIIS Muslim Student Alliance seeks to foster engagement with the community regarding Islam through open dialogue, gatherings, speaker events, and fun activities. The club's intent is to not only provide a place of community and safe space for MIIS Muslim students, but strives to be open to the entire MIIS community interested in learning more about Islam.

Club President: Noraya Razzaque

Club Treasurer: Anad Mohamed

Ocean Club

Our vision: A MIIS community connecting with and connected by the ocean.

Club President: Kimberly Aiken

Club Treasurer: Halie Cousineau

Queers and Allies at MIIS

Queers and Allies at MIIS is a group open to all students who share a common interest in cultivating, nurturing, and enriching the Queer experience at MIIS. Queers and Allies at MIIS exist to promote the inclusion of all aspects of the Queer identity, through awareness and education in the MIIS and greater Monterey community. Also, through its semester events, QAAAM aims to create a safe space for all attendees.

Club President: Dionne Hart

Club Treasurer: Jeremy Ginsberg

Sustainable Agriculture Club

The Sustainable Agriculture Club aims to explore the variety of approaches to sustainable agriculture seen in California and around the world.

Club President: Will Troy

Club Treasurer:  Kieran Ficken

Tech for Good

The Tech for Good Club endeavors to:

  • Shine light on the people and technology making the world a better place for everyone.

  • Demonstrate the potential of technology for social change by inviting the people developing and using technology to address social, economic and environmental challenges to speak with the MIIS community.

  • Encourage open discussion and debate on campus about the positive and negative impact technology has on key issues pertaining to education, labor, diversity and other social matters.

  • Collaborate with other institutions to help promote the human side of technology for social change by creating awareness of technology being used to make a difference and by building a community around it.

Club President: Erwin Alberty

Club Treasurer: Cole Mellino

Wetlands Club

This club’s goals are to build a sense of community among students, faculty, staff, and professionals in the field of wetland ecology, practice, and policy, as well as to promote student participation in community service pertaining to wetland-related issues and research activities among members and interested parties within the greater Monterey Bay area. We do this as a Student Association of the Society for Wetland Scientists.

Club President: Ella McDougal

Club Treasurer: Samuel Blakesley

Women in International Security

Women In International Security (WIIS) is the premier organization in the world dedicated to advancing the leadership and professional development of women in the field of international peace and security. WIIS (pronounced “wise”) sponsors leadership training, mentoring, and networking programs as well as substantive events focused on current policy problems. WIIS also supports research projects and policy engagement initiatives on critical international security issues, including the nexus between gender and security. (www.wiisglobal.org)

WIIS @ MIIS is a west-coast based chapter of this esteemed international organization and seeks to bring these goals and principles to our campus in an educational and professional manner. By providing opportunities, networks and experiences to our members, we hope to promote the global participation of women at a graduate level and beyond. Additionally, we are committed to providing a platform from which women in international security can find inspiration and support to succeed in careers in peace and security decision-making at all levels.

Club President: Mary Chen

Club Treasurer: Rena Uphoff

Veterans Organization

The VO is open to all students and exists to empower its members to create professional opportunities and develop robust relationships that enable student veterans to achieve their academic goals, to increase overall competitiveness in the workforce, and to foster camaraderie. We aim to be a highly regarded student club trusted by veterans and club collaborators for visionary club leadership and commitment to excellence in our activities.

Club President: Thomas Hisgen

Club Treasurer: James Smith

Culture and Language

African Nations Club

The African Nations Club aims to be an inclusive platform for MIIS students and the MIIS community to engage in discussions on Africa and enjoy and promote the rich and diverse African cultures represented on campus. It also aims to foster strong networking between the MIIS community and the African diaspora in Monterey.

Club President: Anas Elallame

Club Treasurer: Kirstin van Gend

Bridging Cultures at MIIS

Bridging Cultures at MIIS seeks to create a space for international and domestic students to interact more on campus.

Club President: Asmita Jain

Club Treasurer: Gabe Sanders

B.U.I.L.D.: Beyond yoUrself in Language Development

Our aim is to provide a starting point for those who want to study other languages but have never had the chance to. For students, we provide a highly informal but effective language learning environment. For future teachers we provide an opportunity to put all of the theory they have been learning into practice and gain valuable professional experience while honing their teaching skills in a relaxed, nonthreatening environment. Teachers will plan lessons, gather materials, collaborate with fellow teachers, and gain valuable feedback from real-life learners. They will do all this and more with one goal in mind: to provide students with what they need in their language learning while promoting effective cross-cultural communication.

Club President: Thiago Pedrosa

Club Treasurer: Elizabeth Rovnak

Fall 2018 BUILD Class Schedule

Cult of Bale

To explore the fascinating world of cults in a fun and informal, though educational, manner

Club President: James Smith

Club Treasurer: Allison Rimmer

German Club

This club shall give students who are interested in the German language and culture the opportunity to get together with Germans and German speakers at the Institute.

Club President: Rena Uphoff

Club Treasurer:  Erik Rene Molina Ortiz

Japan Forum

The Japan Forum’s goal is to promote interest and awareness in Japan and its rich traditional culture with students and friends of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. More than just a social club, the Japan Forum connects Japanese students (MIIS, and special guest students alike) with the community of Monterey, creating a fun and peaceful atmosphere for everyone.

Club President:  Rissa Fung

Club Treasurer: Chelsea Inaba

Team Herbivore

Our aim is to create a friendly and relaxed environment for vegetarians, vegans and people interested in the plant-based lifestyle to come together and share food ideas, knowledge and recipes from around the world.

Club President:  Roxane Li

Club Treasurer: Chetna Aggarwal

International and National Organizations

American Red Cross Club

The American Red Cross Club at MIIS works in collaboration with the International Services office of our local chapter, American Red Cross Monterey Bay (ARCMB). The mission of the club parallels that of ARCMB International Services, i.e. to "advocate for the relief of human suffering and for the education, support and development of impartial relief efforts, including the promotion of International humanitarian law."

Club President: Binh Ngo

Club Treasurer: Kirstin van Gend

I.N.M.M (Institute of Nuclear Materials Management) Club

The Institute of Nuclear Materials Management is the premier organization in the field of protection and management of nuclear materials, and as such offers students unique learning and networking opportunities. The purpose of our club is to broaden students' understanding of the nonproliferation field through our club events and activities.

Club President: Tracy Lyon

Club Treasurer: Autumn Redd

Model United Nations

Model UN of MIIS will provide members with an opportunity to practice and showcase their professional skills, develop social and professional networks, and demonstrate the abilities of MIIS students to a larger academic community.

Club President: Jimmy Smith

Club Treasurer: Jonelle Still

Peace Corps Club

This is a place for all RPCVs, fellows, and students considering Peace Corps to join together as a Peace Corps community to exchange experiences, share thoughts, and organize events promoting the Third Goal.

Toastmasters International Club

The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. Through this mission, each Toastmaster gains a clear understanding of the club’s purpose, and the organization as a whole benefits from a shared set of values and goals.

Club President: Amanda Larson

Club Treasurer: Khadija Moheb Abdel Hafiz-Sokaria

Sports and Recreation

Climbing Club

The Climbing Club serves to unite the Institute climbing community of all levels. Experienced members serve as encouraging mentors for novice climbers. The club offers a supportive space where climbers of all backgrounds can hold each other accountable for getting outdoors during busy academic moments and growing together through a mutual love of the sport.

Club President:  Mary Sherman

Club Treasurer: Sean McClellan

Globadores FC

The Futbol Club (aka the Globadores) is a competitive soccer team that is made up of students of the Institute in Monterey, California. Players come from all over the world to be a part of the "Globadores" MIIS soccer team. The team plays in the Monterey Peninsula Soccer League during fall and spring semesters. Games take place Sundays at Pacific Grove High School in Pacific Grove (a 10-minute car ride from campus) and are great social and school pride activities. 

Facebook Page

Club President: Conner Freeman

Club Treasurer: Rory Roccio

Latin Dance Club

The Latin Dance Club will serve as an opportunity for students to forget the stress of school for a couple of hours learning and enjoying steps to dances like cumbia, bachata, and salsa.

Club President: Rory Roccio

Club Treasurer:  Alina Nizamova

MIISFits Softball Club

The purpose of the MIISFits is to provide a recreational outlet for the community without excluding based on gender or ability. Students and alumni practice and compete against local teams, providing entertainment to other MIIS students in an alcohol-free environment.

Club President: Gabriella Schlesinger-James

Club Treasurer: Bradford Alleman

MIIS Radio

MIIS Radio is the platform on which students from across all programs at MIIS will share their stories, insights, and policy ideas to enrich all of our professional learning experience. By sharing and integrating as many perspectives as possible, all of the work we do at MIIS and afterward will be more effective.

Club President: Gabe Sanders

Club Treasurer: Stephanie Beard

Mixtape Exchange Club

The Mixtape Exchange is a cross-cultural exploration of a binding theme in many of our lives: music. At this international interchange of students and faculty, there is the chance to connect and build bridges of friendship through this common bond. This club also connects students from various cohorts to meet others with diverse musical tastes in other programs.

Club President: Kyle Burnett

Club Treasurer: Caitlin Shepherd

Outdoor Recreation Club

The Outdoor Recreation Club (ODRC) plans and organizes outdoor and wilderness activities for MIIS students to enjoy the natural beauty central California has to offer. The club plans several excursions each semester with discounted student rates, helps students plan their own outdoor experiences, and offers camping gear and other rentals.

Club President: Taryn Kearn

Club Treasurer: Cole Mellino

For rentals, contact Club President Taryn Kearns.

Ping Pong Club

MIIS Ping Pong Club welcomes everybody who just wants to get some exercise at the ping pong table. It is a great way to relieve stress, stimulate your brain, develop quick reaction times, and, of course, make friends. Come and have some well-deserved fun!

Club President: Benjamin Wollam

Club Treasurer: Pia Park

Tabletop Club

The Tabletop Club means to provide a friendly environment in which students can enjoy a wide collection of board games, card games, and role-playing games. We want to promote socialization and creativity and allow students to unwind in a friendly environment.

Club President: Timothy Saar

Club Treasurer: Erika Egner

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee welcomes and brings together any interested MIIS students, regardless of their playing skill level or any differences, to learn and play the sport Ultimate Frisbee together in order to decrease stress, improve health and fitness, socialize with a diverse group, and simply have fun through organized group recreation.

Club President: Mary Chen

Club Treasurer: Lian Partridge