Spring 2022 Official Student Clubs

Note that this list is updated each academic semester (fall and spring) after the conclusion of the club leader training.

Clubs are organized by the following themes:

Affinity Group
Awareness and Issue-Based
Culture and Language
International and National Organizations
Sports and Recreation

The Spring 2022 Official Club List includes each club’s statement of purpose and contact information. 

Club Type Club Name President Name Vice President Name
Culture and Language Arabic Language Club Elena Klein Mohamed Ahmed
Sports and Recreation Aquatic Activities Club Dylan S Moglen Kevin Garcia
Sports and Recreation Bike Club Cecilia Mayer Dillon Green
Culture and Language BUILD: Beyond yoUrself In Language Development Michelle Renee Hoppe & Dion Miller Xiao Chen
Culture and Language Cantonese at MIIS Yahui Li Hannah Liu
Awareness and/or Issue-Based Club Fungi Daniel Hurwitz-Goodman Helen Bartlett
Academic Cybersecurity Student Working Group Elle Zesky Isabela Bernardo
Awareness and/or Issue-Based The Disarmament Initiative Shizuka Kuramitsu Elizaveta Levina
Awareness and Issue-Based Empower Emily Belding Jordyn Dezago
Culture and Language English Conversation Club Lina Lyn Yen-Ting Low
Academic Financial Crime Management Club Veronica Chinchilla Bradon Pettit
Awareness and/or Issue-Based Fridays For Future Club Maddy Springfield Nick Gil
International and/or National Chapter of an Organization Institute of Nuclear Materials Management - MIIS Monica Lemmon Hollis Rammer
Culture and Language Japanese Center@MIIS Misaki Sato Kyle Chow
Culture and Language Language in Motion - MIIS Jeffrey Kurnick Kevin Mascitelli
Sports and Recreation MIIS Ballers Madison Springfield Nick Gil
Sports and Recreation MIIS Climbing Club Alexandra Cleveland Francis Cailles
Sports and Recreation Middlebury FC (MIIS Soccer Club) Alex Christodoulou Alex Shahbazi
Awareness and Issue-Based MIIS Immigrant Rights Alliance (MIRA) Stephanie Fuentes Elena Klein
Culture and Language MisMic Karaoke & Public Speaking Club Lilan Zhang Jizong Yao
Sports and Recreation MIIS Naturalist David Hendershot Alex Shahbazi
Sports and Recreation MIIS Outdoor Club Laura Manczewski Dana Sprole
Sports and Recreation MIISterious Sami Shihadeh Sanjana Gogna
International and/or National Chapter of an Organization Peace Corps Club Chise Kerns Danielle Ohemeng
Sports and Recreation Peaks & Picnics Natasha-Lara Hood Anna Navran
Sports and Recreation Polynesian Dancing Club Grecia Moya Sedano Camacho Manhoor Abbasi
Awareness and Issue-Based Queers and Allies at MIIS (QAAAM) Ruth Krabacher Ioana Lobontiu
International and/or National Chapter of an Organization Red Cross Club Raumia Fahad Larissa Sison
Affinity Group Shades at MIIS (SAM) Heba Mohamednor Chanel Leonard
Culture and Language Spanish Conversation Club Isabella Petros-Weber Alexis Roberts
Sports and Recreation Tabletop Gaming Club Luke Paustian Olivia Plowman
Culture and Language The Institute Shivani Tambi Keaton Sandeman
Affinity Group Thrift and Thrive Prati Rosen Shivani Tambi
Awareness and Issue-Based Veterans Organization Daniel Dobson Kevin Garcia
International and/or National Chapter of an Organization WIISMIIS Elle Zesky Grace Borges
International and/or National Chapter of an Organization Women in Localization @ MIIS Shuming (Koni) Chen Allie Corcoran
Culture and Language Words & Wine (Creative Writing Club) Courtney Kudera Maddie Warner