Certain activities come with risks and require that participants sign a liability release. There are several forms to choose from. Please read the instructions before filling out any of the forms.

Form Instructions


Middlebury has created standard release forms to be used to protect all parts of Middlebury from legal action. All the forms are addressed to The President and Fellows of Middlebury College Herein Known as Middlebury, as this is our overarching corporation. All of our other corporations, departments, programs, and the Middlebury Institute are covered because the main corporation is covered. Unfortunately, a release of the Middlebury Institute, for instance, does not provide protection to Middlebury.

When completing the forms, it is fine to reference your program or department in the description of the event.

These forms have been reviewed by our lawyers for use in Vermont, California, New Mexico, and North Carolina. Please do not alter the standard wording or qualify it in any way, as your edits could cause the form to be invalid in your state. If you need a form for another state, please contact the Business Services Office at (802) 443-5504, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

Group Event Paperwork

There are five forms that are all fill-in-the-blank PDFs. If you have a group event, it is fine to complete one form, reference a sign-in sheet, have each person print and sign their name, and then attach the completed sign-in sheet to the form.


If a minor is participating, be sure to have both the minor’s name and the signer’s name printed on the form, as well as the signature of the parent or guardian.

Where to Submit Release Forms

Release forms for all student club events need to be turned in to the Office of Student Services.


Sports Activities Release

This form should be used for all sporting activities where Middlebury is the team sponsor, event sponsor, or the host of the event or tournament. This includes sports clubs, teams, and campus and other organized sports.

Physical Non-Sports Release

This form should be used for events that require physical activity but are not a sport or organized sport such as a fun run, exercise or dance class, hike, or similar activity.

Field Trip Release

This form should be used when Middlebury is providing or arrange transportation to an event, workshop, or off-site location. The description of the event should include both the transportation and the event itself.

Activities General Release

If you feel the event you are having does not fit one of the other forms, please use this one.

Facilities Release Form

This form should be used when a person, group, or company that is not a part of Middlebury is using a Middlebury facility.