Student groups may be allowed to fundraise to defray costs of a limited number of special Institute-approved projects. The Office of Student Services gives approval to student organizations to raise money on campus, and the Office of Advancement approves all off-campus fundraising initiatives.


Only groups that are recognized by the Office of Student Services may engage in any fundraising activities. Fundraising on the Institute’s behalf (or use of the Institute’s Federal Tax ID number) without express authorization of Student Services and the Advancement Office is a violation of this policy.

On-Campus Fundraising Ideas

  • Raffles (50/50)

  • Selling T-shirts

  • Silent Auction

  • Events/Concerts

  • Donations

General Guidelines

Groups must do the following:

  • Have all requests for fundraising activities reviewed by the director of student life and engagement or the associate dean of student services.

  • Have all requests for off-campus fundraising activities reviewed by the Office of Institutional Advancement.

  • Ensure that funds raised are for Institute-related purposes consistent with the approved mission of the organization and objectives of the fundraising event.

  • Fill out the Off-Campus Funding Request Form.

Groups cannot do the following:

  • Solicit donations from alumni or other external constituencies.

  • Solicit donations from local merchants without prior approval from the Office of Advancement.

  • Solicit donations for the purposes of contributing towards or paying for Institute expenses, including tuition and fees for individual and/or groups of students.

  • Directly solicit funds via campus mail or engage in door-to-door solicitation, either on or off campus.

  • Maintain an off-campus bank account for fundraising.

  • Use Institute directories, lists, or other resources for the purpose of solicitation.

All funds collected in the name of the group must be turned over to the Office of Student Services for deposit into their Institute account no more than seven days after the event.