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  1. CTEC Director Jason Blazakis Recently Quoted by Portugal based Press Outlet Regarding Antifa

    | by CTEC

    CTEC Director and Middlebury Institute Professor Jason Blazakis was recently quoted by Publico, a press outlet based in Portugal, regarding the possibility of President Trump sanctioning Antifa as terrorist group pursuant to U.S. law. Check out the full story at: 

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    CTEC Director Jason Blazakis Publishes Story on Possible Antifa Terrorist Designation on Front Page of Slate Magazine

    | by CTEC

    MIIS Professor and CTEC Director Jason Blazakis co-wrote an article for Slate Magazine with Carnegie Mellon University Professor Colin Clarke regarding the issue of Trump’s possible designation of ANTIFA as a terrorist group. The bottom line - President Trump doesn’t have the legal tools to sanction the ANTIFA movement as a terrorist entity. Second, ANTIFA isn’t a group - it is a loose collection of individuals that form a movement. More at: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/06/antifa-terrorist-organization-designation-trump.html