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  1. Beyond Study Abroad—International Education Careers: Online Discussion Recording

    | by Grace O’Dell

    Despite challenges in international travel, there is still significant demand for international education professionals. The opportunities are not just in study abroad but also in technology, philanthropy, diplomacy, and more. Join Grace O’Dell (International Education Management career and academic advisor) for an exploration of the depth and breadth of international education careers.

  2. Six Ways to Make the Most of a Virtual Career Fair

    | by Bryce Craft

    While there’s nothing like making a first impression in person, with the right preparation you can turn a virtual career fair into real-life job opportunities. Here are six ways to maximize the increasingly popular virtual career fairs.

  3. Community Career Fair Goes Virtual

    | by Bryce Craft

    Our annual fall Community Career Fair—held virtually this year for the first time—was a success. Nearly two dozen employers participated and the virtual format allowed for more individual contact between employers and potential recruits.