Our mission is to advance education, research, and intelligence analysis across the critical domains of domestic extremism, transnational emerging threats, and trust and safety tech policy, to drive change in pursuit of a more just world.


We go beyond the page to produce work that is not only academically excellent, but deeply policy relevant.


At CTEC, we examine the full spectrum of terrorism and extremism to provide bespoke analysis for tech and government clients.


We leverage experiential learning to train the next generation of intelligence and security researchers and analysts to respond to emerging threats.

CTEC is integrated into the curriculum of several Middlebury Institute degree and certificate programs, giving students opportunities to gain real-world work experience as paid research assistants: 

Areas of Focus

CTEC focuses on three topics: Trust & Safety, Extremism, and Transnational Emerging Threats. 

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Trust and Safety is the policies, procedures, and technologies aimed at protecting users from harm, ensuring data security, and fostering a respectful and inclusive online environment. This involves the proactive identification and mitigation of risks related to privacy breaches, cyberbullying, fraud, and other forms of abuse, thereby promoting a safe and trustworthy user experience across digital platforms.


Extremism, as defined by senior fellow J.M. Berger’s seminal work Extremism, is “the belief that an in-group’s success or survival can never be separated from the need for hostile action against an out-group.” Our work focuses on the full spectrum of extremism, from lawful to violent. Critically, we understand terrorism to be a tactic, while extremism is a belief system.


Transnational Emerging Threats

Transnational emerging threats are the complex and evolving challenges that cross national borders, impacting global security and stability. These threats encompass a wide range of issues including cyber attacks, terrorism, organized crime, pandemics, climate change, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. At CTEC, we are particularly focused on those threats posed by non-state actors. Addressing these threats requires coordinated international efforts, innovative policy solutions, and the integration of advanced technologies to detect, mitigate, and respond to incidents that can rapidly escalate and have widespread consequences for societies, economies, and international relations.

Recent Publications

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  • The Justification for Designating the Russian Imperial Movement as a Foreign Terrorist Organization

    | by Taylor Chin

    The white supremacist Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGTs) the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) and its leaders Stanislav Vorobyev and Denis Gariev pose an underestimated threat to the United States that may soon call for greater proactive vigilance, such as designating the group as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). RIM’s growing threat is evidenced by the group’s two-decade survival, incriminating activity on social media, and uncompromising ideological principles.

  • Lawful Extremism: The Chinese Exclusion Act

    | by Beth Daviess and J.M. Berger

    The first paper in the “Lawful Extremism” series considered whether the 1856 Dred Scott decision that denied Black people citizenship and constitutional rights functioned as an extremist ideological text. This paper uses the same framework to examine the Chinese Exclusion era, covering roughly 1870-1943, and the anti-Chinese movement that traveled from the fringes to the mainstream, becoming the driving force behind the enaction of the Act.

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