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Notice: We’re currently experiencing technical difficulties. This has impacted access to our application system. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact us at info@miis.edu if you have any specific concerns.

To determine the appropriate way to capture your event, please consider the following.

Support Needed

If you are considering video recording as part of your event planning, please consult with the Media Services office. Media Services provide camera and microphone equipment for basic event recording as part of the events logistic form. Lecture capture technology is available in a few select rooms around campus.

Otherwise, skip to the next section.

Nature of the Event

If your event brings in a high-profile speaker and could be used in a news story to promote the Institute, its programs, and its centers, please contact Marketing and Communications at least three weeks before the event. (If you are inside the three-week window, please still contact Marketing and Communications but understand there will be limited options and you may need to rethink your plan.)

Otherwise, skip to the next section.


If your audience is internal (current students, faculty, and/or staff ONLY), then skip to the next section.

If your audience is any other group (prospective students, alumni, and/or the general public), please contact Marketing and Communications at least three weeks before the event.


If you simply want to give current students, faculty, and/or staff who could not attend your event a way to see the event exactly as it happened, please contact Media Services to have a camera set up. Please note that they will provide you with the raw footage (unedited)

The interns and staff in the DLC Learning Lab can consult with you to help you make decisions about how to post your content so only an internal audience can access it, make basic edits, and post the content.

If you want to give current students, faculty, and/or staff a more produced version of the event (such as highlights), make an appointment with the DLC or see the video production recommendations resource on the DLINQ website for guidance.

Video projects always take longer than you expect. Please plan well in advance of your deadline to ensure you have enough time to complete your project.

If you are still unsure on where your project may fit, you may check in with Institute Media Services, Communications or the DLC Learning Lab for guidance.