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Nataly Kelly, co- author with Jost Zetzsche of Found in Translation: How Language Shapes Our Lives and Transforms the World was interviewed by Professor Barry Slaughter-Olsen in the Irvine Auditorium at the Monterey Institute on October 23.  She shared insights and stories from her acclaimed book with the greater MIIS community, on campus and watching from locations around the world via the internet.  

Kelly spoke to a very interested audience of aspiring translation and interpretation professionals about her research into the ever growing and fascinating language industry, and how it factors in to all aspects of our daily lives, often without our knowledge.  She spoke of her own experience as a telephone interpreter and researcher, and shared optimism for a profession that is constantly evolving, just as the human language is.  ”The MIIS translation and interpreting program is legendary, so visiting the campus was a highlight of my book tour,” said Nataly Kelly.  ”Many professors at MIIS have served as an inspiration to me throughout my career, so coming to talk about Found in Translation here was a true joy.”

Found in Translation tells the human story of language professionals, - the funny, the sad and the profound - and everything in between, befitting a profession that touches upon all aspects of human communication. ”We are honored to host Nataly Kelly here at MIIS and to highlight Found in Translation, a book that so adeptly educates and informs the general public about translation and interpreting,” said Professor Olsen.

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