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Middlebury Institute students and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Sara Paliga MAIEM ‘19, Daisy Betancourt Ramos MAIPD ‘19, Kaitlin Huemer MAIEM ‘19, Hannah Barrentine MAIEM ‘19, and Michael Hollabaugh MAIEM ‘19 at the Monterey High School intercultural fair on November 6th. 

Middlebury Institute International Education Management students Jill MacArthur MAIEM ‘19 and Randall Yamaoka MAIEM ‘19 collaborated with Monterey High School students and faculty to organize an intercultural fair as part of Monterey High’s international education week celebrations.

At the event, Institute students from different countries and backgrounds brought their international knowledge and experiences to the Monterey High student body through a fair that extended through lunch break on November 6th. “The fair celebrated over 30 countries and organizations from around the world,” explained MacArthur. 

“The lively atmosphere full of music, food, dance, clothing, and cultural activities reminded me just how unique, international, and multicultural our Monterey community is, MacArthur went on to say. “Hats off to the Monterey High student and faculty organizers and a huge thanks to the Institute participants for their enthusiasm!” At the fair, Monterey High students had the opportunity to interact with people of different nationalities or who had spent long periods of time in countries outside the United States.

Five Institute students who are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers represented the country they served in and shared their experiences living and working in China, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Zambia, and Kyrgyzstan. “It was my first time going to Monterey High School, and it was really great to connect with students in the community and share my Peace Corps service,” said Mike Hollabaugh MAIEM ’19, who served in Kyrgyzstan. “It feels like there could be a lot of opportunities for Institute students to volunteer at Monterey High - in the future, I will look into other opportunities to volunteer there.”

MacArthur and Yamaoka worked together to promote the opportunity to participate in the fair to other students. “We were honored to have the opportunity to partner with Monterey High and showcase the international experiences people in the Monterey community have had,” Yamaoka said. “It was nice to help the next generation see the value of international experiences. We hope we are able to keep this strong connection with Monterey High, to help students experience what a diverse community we have in Monterey.”

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