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The Monterey Institute’s Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education will celebrate International Translation Day with a multilingual reading at the Holland Center on Thursday, September 30 at 7 pm. Students and professors will read their own translations of poetry, excerpts from short stories and essays in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and English. Students will also share their personal experiences in the field of interpretation.

International Translation Day is held on September 30 each year on the birthday of St. Jerome, the famous Bible translator who some people in the field consider their patron saint, although sponsors insist the day is purely secular and non-denominational.

It is estimated that there are six to seven thousand languages spoken around the globe and facilitating communication by translating from one language to another is among the oldest professions in the world. The demands on translation and interpretation professionals are ever increasing, with added complexity in the environment calling for narrow and deep specializations as well as broad general knowledge and cultural understanding. The theme of this year’s International Translation Day, “Translation Quality for a Variety of Voices,” fits perfectly with the work being done every day at the Monterey Institute, where the broad variety of established and customized language programs are designed to prepare students for the complexity and demands of the modern world.

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