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Middlebury Institute New Student Orientation Fall 2022

This fall, the Middlebury Institute welcomed 293 new students from 30 countries with big plans for how they hope to leverage their degrees in the years to come.

Students—including one coming off an expedition to Antarctica—found their way to Monterey from across the country and the world.

The traditional flag ceremony that kicks off the fall semester was especially joyful, marking the first in-person ceremony since the pandemic. Students carried flags representing the 30 countries of origin of the student body; the flags will hang from buildings on campus for the year. 

“The group of flags is different every year because it represents you. It is a living, evolving representation of your global character,” Dean of the Institute Jeff Dayton-Johnson told students. He said that sometimes Institute graduates have found themselves sitting across from each other at a negotiating table, “representing different national interests but committed to a global community. That spirit is what I want you to remember when you see the flags on campus.”

Those words resonated with Translation and Localization Management student Xiaohui Hu.

“This is a place where you begin your dream,” she said. “MIIS offers so many resources. You can talk to so many professionals in your field and begin to build your network and résumé. You’re working on your career and network from the very beginning.”

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring several incoming students sharing how they came to the Middlebury Institute and where they hope to go with their degrees.

Map of the Home Countries of Incoming Middlebury Institute Students

Home Countries of Incoming Students at Middlebury Institute Fall 2022

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