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Anne Campbell
Professor Anne Campbell is the 2018 recipient of the Middlebury Institute’s Faculty Excellence Award. Campbell teaches in the International Education Management program. (Credit: John Schaidler )

Professor Anne Campbell has been awarded the Middlebury Institute’s Faculty Excellence Award for 2018, receiving $500 and an invitation to serve as the faculty speaker at the Institute’s December 2018 Commencement ceremony.

“I was thrilled to hear about the award,” says Campbell, an assistant professor in the Institute’s International Education Management program. “I was actually preparing for a class when the announcement was made, and it seemed really fitting to hear the news from a student who had arrived early to class.”

The annual award is the result of a semester-long process which includes open nominations from the campus community that were then considered by a selection committee made up of two faculty members, two students, and one member of the Institute’s senior staff. “The committee was faced with what they described as ‘an extremely strong pool’ of 6 nominees,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Institute Jeff Dayton-Johnson in his announcement of the award. “The committee reviewed recent student evaluations and observed videos of each finalist in the classroom before reaching their decision.”

Students in Professor Campbell’s courses applauded her teaching approach, saying that it “exemplifies what it means to be a master in the field of education” and describing her as “a master teacher, empathizer, student advocate, researcher, and capacity builder.” Students also cited her ability to read her students, empathize and anticipate their concerns, and then respond “transparently, authentically, and creatively,” calling her energy and passion for the subject matter “contagious.”

For me, the exchange of ideas with students is so personally rewarding… Getting to learn from students and through their interests is a remarkable benefit of being a faculty member.
— Professor Anne Campbell

Professor Campbell in turn praises her students. “For me, the exchange of ideas with students is so personally rewarding. I have had students bring books to share and discuss, send me articles, and write papers on fascinating topics. Just this semester I’ve learned about Afro-Colombian art education, mobile-technology education for new mothers in Ghana, the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa, and ecotourism education related to shark sanctuaries in Palau. Getting to learn from students and through their interests is a remarkable benefit of being a faculty member.”

Asked what she hopes students will take away from her courses, Campbell said “I hope that my courses encourage students to continue on their path to ask critical questions, explore new ideas, and examine and challenge the status quo—especially with regard to educational systems around the world. Our students are already engaged, talented, and optimistic; I simply hope that my courses provide them with more tools, guidance, and frameworks to direct that passion towards meaningful change.”

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