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FLEDS Team 2019
The FLEDS 2019 organizing team: Jeremy Frye MATFL ‘20, Kalina Swanson MATESOL ‘20, Melody Pao MATFL ‘20, Yuchen Hsieh MATFL ‘19, Anh Bui MATFL ‘20.

The 13th annual Foreign Language Education Symposium (FLEDS) will be held, Saturday, November 9th. This year’s theme is “Social Justice in Language Education.” 

The Symposium is organized by students from the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Teaching Foreign Language degree programs. The 2019 organizing committee considers the theme of “Social Justice in Language Education” to be the recognition of power differences between diverse communities of practice and the responsibility of institutions, educators, and learners to challenge inequitable systems in our society. We promote the use of language education to disseminate equitable access to all social, political, and professional opportunities to speakers of all languages in a given society.

Among speakers are Dr. Joanna Wong, assistant professor of Elementary Education at Cal State Monterey Bay. Middlebury Institute Associate Professor Dr. Netta Avineri who is also serves as the Intercultural Competence Committee chair, and World Language Chair at All Saints Day School Ashley Zaldívar.

For more information about the schedule and to register, visit the FLEDS website.

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