The 2019 Symposium will be held Saturday, November 9, 2019.

Monterey Bay Foreign Language Education Symposium 2019

This year's theme: “Social Justice in Language Education”

The FLEDS organization committee considers Social Justice in Language Education to be the recognition of power differences between diverse communities of practice and the responsibility of institutions, educators, and learners to challenge inequitable systems in our society. We promote the use of language education to disseminate equitable access to all social, political, and professional opportunities to speakers of all languages in a given society.

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Dr. Wong


Dr. Joanna Wong (Plenary Speaker) is an assistant professor in the Elementary Education Program at CSUMB. Her research addresses language and literacy education for culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Dr. Wong has 14 years of experience in the Oakland Unified School District. She also co-founded Esperanza Elementary school, a Spanish-English dual-language immersion school.

Dr. Avineri

Dr. Netta Avineri (Introductory/Closing Speaker) is an Associate Professor in the TESOL/TFL program at MIIS, where she also serves as the Intercultural Competence Committee Chair. Her research, teaching, and advocacy focus on language and social justice, critical service-learning, narrative, community partnerships, interculturality, and heritage/endangered language pedagogy.

Dr. Ortactepe

Dr. Deniz Ortactepe (Panelist) is an Assistant Professor in the MA TESOL/TFL program at MIIS. She’s currently carrying out two social-justice related projects. Her “Social Justice in ELT” project funded by the US State Department takes place in Turkey with pre-service language teachers while her other project focuses on migrant students in Salinas, California.

Ms. Zaldivar

Ashley Zaldívar (Panelist) is a Spanish teacher and World Language Chair at All Saints Day School in Carmel, CA with over 10 years of professional teaching experience. She is a founding member of the All Saints Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee and currently serves as the institution’s faculty representative to the Board of Trustees.

Dr. Gomez

Dr. Rafael Gómez Rodríguez (Panelist) is a Professor of Spanish at California State University, Monterey Bay. His teaching and research interests include service learning, Spanish for heritage speakers and social justice pedagogy. He recently published “Spanish Heritage Speakers, Service-Learning and Social Justice,” The Wiley International Handbook of Service-Learning for Social Justice.


Christina Yanuaria (Panelist) practices Friere’s radical pedagogy as an ESL instructor at City College of San Francisco: Education can never be neutral. Her service includes projects for empowering students and addressing the impact of white supremacy on language learning and instruction in higher education through professional development.

Presentation Titles and Authors

  • Social Justice Debates in the Foreign Language Classroom

Irene Krasner; CSUMB


  • On Raising Bi/Multilingual Children: Spanish as Resistance, Cultural Investment, and Identity!

Suzanne García-Mateus; CSUMB


  • Raising Social Consciousness through Poetry and Self-Expression

Sandra García-Sanborn; CSU Stanislaus


  • Identity and Agency in a North Korean Defector’s L2 Learning Trajectory

Heekyeong Lee; MIIS


  • Acknowledging LGBTQ Identities in ESL Classrooms in a Matter-of-Fact Way

Kate Frei and Kevin Cross; CCSF


  • Content-Based Instruction Efforts to Develop Japanese Learners’ Critical Awareness Toward Social Justice

Naoko Sourial; The New School


  • Inspiring 21st Century Global Citizens in the World Language Classroom

Erica Hashiba and Minako Kamimura; Salinas Union High School


  • Synthesizing Language Learning, Intercultural Communication, Critical Service-Learning, and Social Justice: Hands-On Approaches and Strategies

Ibrahim Shelton and Netta Avineri; CSUMB


  • Lessons for Change: Early Career Experiences in Teaching for Social Justice

Melody Pao; MIIS


  • El artista comprometido: Reading Calle 13 in Latin American Literature Courses

Carolyn González; CSUMB


  • Linguicism: What is it and How Do We Minimize it?

Ilknur Oded and Yaniv Oded; DLIFLC


  • Migrant Kids are NOT Like Any Other Kids!: A Case Study on Exploring the Unique Challenges of Migrant Students

Kathryn DePietro and Deniz Ortactepe; MIIS


  • Empowering Student Voices: Translanguaging Practice in ESL Classrooms

Christina Yanuaria, CCSF


  • Addressing Diversity in the Classroom through Differentiated Instruction

Irene Krasner and Ekaterina Fleishman; DLIFLC


  • Creating an Equitable Classroom Culture through Teacher’s Self-Reflection

Hanan Khalid; University of South Carolina



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