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Russian railway transporting oil
Russian railway transporting oil tanks. (Credit: Image by Александр from Pixabay)

Jason Scorse, director of the Institute’s Center for the Blue Economy and David Helvarg, executive director of Blue Frontier, argue that sanctioning Russia’s oil and natural gas exports is crucial to the U.S. response to the crisis in Ukraine.

As the world witnesses Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. has been reluctant to sanction Russia’s fossil fuel exports, which are the core of the Russian economy.

Jason Scorse, program chair of International Environmental Policy and Director of the Center for the Blue Economy, as well as Center for the Blue Economy Senior Fellow David Helvarg recently co-authored an article published in the San Francisco Chronicle. In the article, Scorse and Helvarg write that the U.S. should sanction Russia’s natural gas exports and wean itself off oil and natural gas in order to support Ukraine.

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