The Student Life team maintains the following information about off-campus housing to support students when they relocate to Monterey.

Housing Guide Table of Contents

Beginning Your Housing Search 
Middlebury Institute Housing Facebook Group 
Other Places to Find Housing 
Average Cost of Living 
Internet, Cable and Telephone Services
Residential Parking Information 
Understanding Your Lease 
Furnishing Your Rental 
Local Apartment Complexes
Monterey Peninsula Neighborhoods
Property Management Company List

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Beginning Your Housing Search

Like many professionally-focused graduate schools, the Middlebury Institute does not have on-campus housing. Therefore, every student lives off campus. Our campus is located in a residential area of what is considered downtown Monterey. Students live all over the peninsula and beyond, but the majority of students try to live as close to campus as possible. If you live a mile or more from campus, you are entitled to a free on-campus parking permit. Learn more about parking.

This MIIS Housing Guide will detail lists of property management companies, a Housing Facebook Group for MIIS students only, and other helpful resources. Read below on how to get started with your search.

Middlebury Institute Housing Facebook Group

Many students use the Middlebury Institute Housing Facebook Group to post sublets, apartments for rent, and roommate searches. Only current and deposited students have access to the Housing Facebook Group. If your Facebook name is different than your legal name, please email us so we can add you to the group.

Other Places to Find Housing

Monterey Bay Craigslist

Every year, a large number of our students find their housing through the Monterey-area Craigslist. Craigslist is an online network offering free classified advertisements from furniture to employment to housing. Many of the property management companies and landlords in the area will choose to advertise their listings via Craigslist. However, please keep in mind that Craigslist is an open site available to anyone, and there may be scams and false information. Under no circumstance should you sign any paperwork, or exchange any money, for a place that you have not seen without viewing it firsthand. is a free website that is used by over 395 Universities nation wide. The website pulls from over 100 different listing sources so it's more of a one-stop shop for students, that way they don't have to bounce from site to site looking for apartments.

Each city on the website is broken down into neighborhoods, highlighting pricing, noise level, nearby attractions, restaurants, shopping, etc.

Monterey Herald

The Monterey County Herald is the major daily newspaper serving all of Monterey County. You can pick one up at newsstands or boxes in town, or access their online classifieds section. When searching online, you can indicate your desired rent price range, number of bedrooms, and type of home.

Apartment Complexes

There are a number of small and large apartment complexes throughout Monterey and the surrounding areas. It is often useful to drive around the area looking for apartment complexes or "For Rent" signs.

Zillow Group

Zillow and Trulia are a part of Zillow Group, the largest and most popular real estate network, which has about 30 million rental visitors each month. Trulia is uniquely valuable in offering in-depth neighborhood information including crime statistics, commute times, demographics, local amenities and more. Zillow is famous for offering our Zestimate, an estimated rental or real estate value of each property, which helps the user gauge the value of each property. The following pages will help with any and all student housing needs!

Trulia Monterey apartment rental page offers over 30 listings with in-depth neighborhood information

Zillow Monterey apartment rental page contains fair rental price estimates for apartments

Zillow Monterey house rental page contains fair rental price estimates for homes


Zumper is a site for finding rental properties. In most cases, you can contact the property manager or owner directly through Zumper. In some cases, you can complete an application and manage other parts of the rental process through the site, too. 

Apartments for rent in or near Monterey

Apartments for rent in or near Pacific Grove

Apartments for rent in or near Seaside

Average Cost of Living

An important question most students have when they arrive in Monterey is what they will be able to afford given their small student budget. Housing costs vary considerably and can be an important consideration when choosing a place to live. Below are some average costs of living in Monterey County.

# of Rooms Avg. Price Range
Room in a home $600–$950
Studio $1295–$1395
One bedroom $1,300–$1,850
Two bedroom $1,695–$2,450
Three bedroom $2,400–$3,600
# of Rooms Avg. Price Range
Room in a home $600–$800
Studio $1,000–$1,150
One bedroom $1,250–$1,395
Two bedroom $1,550–$1695
Three bedroom $2,395–$2,800
Pacific Grove
# of Rooms Avg. Price Range
Room in a home $625–$900
Studio $1,395–$1,595
One bedroom $1,395–$1,695
Two bedroom $1,895–$2,650
Three bedroom $3,300–$3,795
# of Rooms Avg. Price Range
Room in a home $500–$800
Studio $1,000–$1,200
One bedroom $1,200–$1,475
Two bedroom $1,510–$1,700
Three bedroom $2,350–$3,300


Setting up your new home includes arranging for utilities. Depending on the terms and conditions of the lease, you may be responsible for setting up all utilities or they may be covered in the cost of your rent. Below are some average costs.

Utilities Price Range
Gas and electric $50–$100 per month
Water $30–$75 per month
Garbage $15–$20 per month
Cable $30–$40 per month
Phone $20–$30 per month
Internet $20–$50 per month

Internet, Cable, and Telephone Services

You may want to set up Internet, cable, and phone service in your new home. Companies often give special deals if you sign up for two or three of these services at once. The following are local providers:


Some apartments and houses come with designated parking spots, but others require on-street parking. While this may not be an issue in certain areas, other places may require a residential parking permit. If you are unsure if you need to obtain a permit, ask your landlord.

Find out more about residential parking in Monterey and Pacific Grove.

Understanding Your Lease

Before you sign your lease, make sure you have reviewed all of the important terms and that you understand everything that you're agreeing to. Discuss any questions with your landlord and include all changes in writing on the lease agreement. Here are some external resources that may help. If you have any questions, contact the Office of Student Services.

Buying Furniture

It is not necessary to break the bank just to furnish your new home. There are lots of resources available to you for purchasing affordable furniture.


The closest IKEA to Monterey is in East Palo Alto, approximately a 90-minute drive from Monterey. If you have a car or can arrange a ride, IKEA is a good option for reasonably priced furniture.
1700 E. Bayshore Rd
East Palo Alto
(650) 323-4532


The Goodwill store in Monterey often has secondhand furniture for reasonable prices. Their inventory comes to them solely through donation, so it is not consistent, but you never know what you will find!
571 Lighthouse Ave.
(831) 649-6056

Craigslist Monterey Bay

Many people in the community advertise on Craigslist when they want to sell something themselves. While Craigslist can be a great resource for finding furniture, we cannot stress enough that you exercise caution in the information you give out through this service.


Costco warehouse offers many items at reduced prices, including furniture. You will need a membership in order to shop at Costco, but check out the resources page for more information on Costco card rentals.
801 Tioga Ave.
Sand City
(831) 899-1256

MIIS Marketplace Facebook Group

Many students and members of the Monterey community will place items for sale at very affordable prices.

CORT Furniture Rental

CORT is a furniture rental provider.