The following information and resources are designed to help students with the Monterey-area housing search.

Housing Guide

Hi, everyone. My name is Julius Moye, and I’m a student here at the Middlebury Institute. I applied to the Institute while still serving as a volunteer with the Peace Corps and know what it’s like to search for housing from afar. My hope is that this video makes the housing search a whole lot easier.

In this video, I will go over the most popular neighborhoods, timelines to consider, and give you a few tips to make moving to this wonderful city a breeze. First of all, congratulations that you have made it this far. Monterey is a great place to live.

The Middlebury Institute campus is located in the heart of downtown with its large Tuesday’s farmers’ market and lots of restaurants and cafes. On some days, we can even hear the barking of sea lions on campus to remind us that we are only blocks away from the ocean.

One of the benefits of living close to campus is that you can walk and ride your bike to school. And I like it because it gives me the flexibility in my schedule as a graduate student and as a resident of the community.

The majority of students live within one mile of campus. Neighborhoods within one mile of campus include the historic downtown surrounding the Institute, Monte Vista, Oak Grove, and parts of New Monterey. If you live further than one mile away, you are eligible to receive a free on-campus parking pass. Popular areas include North Monterey and Pacific Grove. And some of my friends who live there love taking the scenic route to school in the morning. Rents can be lower in areas a little further away, such as Seaside or Marina to the north, or in Salinas to the east. Carmel rents are generally more expensive than in Monterey, but there are some interesting options to be found there, and in Carmel Valley, if a more rural lifestyle speaks to you.

You may want to settle your housing plans as early as possible. But we recommend you wait until about one month prior to your intended arrival. Most of the available rentals in the area are vacant or close to vacant when they are advertised, which means they are likely ready for immediate move-in. All confirmed students will receive emails with housing resources and information from Student Services starting three months before the start of classes. Make sure to take advantage of all the help that is offered.

Join the exclusive housing group for students that you will be invited to by Student Services. This is a good way to find a room in a multi-room house, which is often the most affordable option. Or finding a roommate, or renting a studio. Student Services has created an online housing guide, which includes information about local property management companies. If you have found your roommates or are bringing a family and are looking for a two or three-room apartment, contacting a property management company might be the best option for you.

Another possibility is to look at online boards. This includes well-known sites such as Zillow and Craigslist. These sites post rentals available to the public, and you should always use caution when using them, no matter where you are. Never exchange money before you or someone on your behalf has viewed the rental.

Once you arrive to Monterey, another idea that has worked well for many students is simply to take a walk or drive around town, as there are often apartment complexes with “For rent” signs that are definitely worth exploring.

The housing market in Monterey is high demand, and it can take a little time to secure housing. But everyone always ends up finding a good place to live. It is very common that people move to Monterey without having their housing plans all set. And you should be prepared for it taking up to two weeks to settle in fully. The most competitive time to secure housing is in late August. January and June are both less competitive. Finding housing can be challenging. But there are a lot of resources that will help make searching for housing and possibly housemates quite enjoyable.

When I was applying to the Institute, Student Services helped me find the place that I am still living in today. In January and August, the staff in Student Services curates a list of community volunteers who have spare bedrooms or places to stay in their homes. You can request this list up to one month before the start of each term. Local hotels and the Monterey hostel are other great ways to secure temporary housing while you look for longterm accommodation.

We’re so glad that you’re moving here to Monterey because we know what an amazing place this is to live, work, and study. Remember to use all the resources made available to you and to contact Student Services if you have any questions.

It is the responsibility of each student to secure their own housing—the resources below can help you find a situation that works well for you.

Issues with Landlords

If you encounter a problem with your landlord, please contact the Office of Student Services. Although the Institute cannot legally get involved with tenant/landlord disputes, we are happy to assist you by providing resources to help solve the problem. Please email or call 831-647-4128.  

Drop Into a Housing Huddle 

Join our bi-monthly Housing Huddles! The first 20-30 minutes will be spent reviewing housing resources to support off-campus housing such as the digital housing guide and MIcommunity housing group, and the remaining time will be open for your questions.  These Huddles will be open to both incoming Spring 2022 students as well as current students at the Institute. Email for access or find access details in MIcommunity.

Email or find event details on MIcommunity* to join us!

*MIcommunity is open to admitted as well as current students.

Schedule (all in Pacific Time)

  • Thursday, December 16, 12pm
  • Thursday, January 13, 12pm (formerly scheduled for January 6; postponed to Jan. 13)
  • Friday, January 21, 10am
  • Wednesday, February 2, 4pm

Housing huddles will be offered again starting in April.

Plan Your Move

Start planning for your move, including transportation from the airport and temporary lodging if necessary.

Housing Guide

Use our housing guide for tips about securing housing, estimating costs, and understanding your lease agreement.

For International Students

Find housing information for international students regarding options and help available to you.

Munras Housing

Starting in the fall of 2021, you’ll have the option of living in Middlebury housing at our new residence, located at 787 Munras Avenue.

External Resources

Use these external resources for additional help in finding the right housing for you.