MIIS Graduation Colton Hall Lawn
MIIS Graduation, Colton Hall Lawn, Year unknown (Credit: MIIS Flickr )

MIIS will celebrate the graduation of 266 students in May of 2019 with all-vegan dishes, blazing the trail with an all-vegan graduation event.

In May of 2019, MIIS will serve roughly 1600 guests at the graduation celebration a buffet of vegan dishes such as meatless Sonoma chicken-salad sandwiches, fish-free sushi, veggie crudites, potato samosas, Mediterranean platters filled with falafel, dolmas, olives, hummus, and pita, and gourmet dairy-free cheese platters.  Professor Jason Scorse, Chair of the International Environmental Policy program and Director of the Center for the Blue Economy, is behind the school’s shift toward more plant-based options and spearheaded the implementation of the 50/50 policy that requires campus events to offer at least 50 percent vegan food options.

I am very proud that our institution has made such a commitment to promoting plant-based foods throughout the campus activities.
— Jason Scorse, Director of the Center for the Blue Economy, Chair of the IEP program
“The institute has a long track record of promoting sustainable practices and continues to push toward the goal of making our campus completely carbon neutral.”
— Jeff Dayton-Johnson, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Middlebury Institute

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