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  1. People

    Historic Logbooks & Adventures at Sea

    | by Rachel Christopherson

    The Middlebury Institute attracts amazing faculty and students, and affords amazing opportunities.  This spring and summer, MIIS students became published authors, filled a missing gap in historic scientific knowledge, and sailed the open seas.

  2. News Stories

    CBE Waves Newsletter December 2021

    | by Rachel Christopherson

    Stories include:  New reports from the Center for the Blue Economy on the Economic Value of America’s Estuaries and Recreation on the California Coast; Contributions to the Economist Group’s World Ocean Initiative, Wilson Center’s Transatlantic Blue Economy Initiative, COP26, WWF articles, NOAA publication Visualizing the Three-Dimensional Footprint of Ocean Uses, and Virtual Reality DIVE-An Inspiring Journey through California’s Marine Protected Areas; CBE Celebrates its Ten Year Anniversary.