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  1. A phenomenal presentation by Dr. Charles Colgan

    | by Rachel Christopherson

    The 5th International Symposium was hosted by National University of Ireland, Galway, and Dr. Charles Colgan, the Director of Research at the Center for the Blue Economy (and the individual who instituted the methodology to measure the blue economy now used worldwide) gave a notable presentation.

  2. News Stories

    Options for Sea Level Rise Adaptation on West Cliff Drive

    | by Rachel Christopherson & Report Authors

    West Cliff Drive, like all of the California coastline, is threatened by continuing erosion. Erosion is expected to significantly increase as sea levels rise and storms intensify. One challenge to adaptation planning is the uncertainty associated with the rate and elevation of sea level rise at future points of time, critical to the question of what to do and when.  What to spend on what strategy for the best return on investment?   A recent report published by the Center for the Blue Economy and partners has some answers.

  3. Campus NotesNews Stories

    The Central Coast Highway 1 Climate Resiliency Study

    | by Rachel Christopherson and Co-Authors and the Central Coast Highway 1 Climate Resiliency Study

    What does a government agency do when faced with the threat of sea level rise inundating an eight-mile stretch of critical north/south highway (Highway 1), while simultaneously protecting critical habitat of national significance (Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Reserve)?  Conduct a study and call upon the experts. 

  4. News Stories

    More Blue is Needed in the Democrats' Green Plan

    | by Jason Scorse & David Helvarg in the Hill

    The House Democrats’ report, “Solving the Climate Crisis,” is the most comprehensive response to the climate emergency in the history of Congress.  This is a great splash forward that all Americans should support, however it misses key elements addressed in the Ocean Climate Action Plan-Blue New Deal. With additional recommendations from the Ocean Climate Action Plan, we could both meet our climate targets and revitalize our economy from sea to shining sea.

  5. News Stories

    Making Waves: 2019 Year In Review

    | by Rachel Christopherson

    Promoting a sustainable ocean and coastal economy is the mission of the Center for the Blue Economy.  We do this through economic research, teaching, and advising on policy for regional, state, and national governments.  This story showcases some of 2019’s activities and achievements.