City street showing a motorcycle and cars mostly under water from storm surge and flooding
Warm water expands, raising sea levels, which worsens storm surge during hurricanes. It’s only one risk from warming oceans. (Credit: AP Photo/Gerald Herbert )

In summer 2023, water temperatures off Miami reached as high as 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s just one example of how global warming is impacting coastal communities, according to Charles Colgan, director of research at the Center for the Blue Economy.

In a recent explainer, he broke down the ripple effects of warming and sea-level rise, including flooding, fisheries and saltwater intrusion affecting crops (including strawberries here in Monterey).

“Mostly, I study the positive contributions of the ocean, but this has begun to change, sometimes dramatically,” said Colgan, who has been researching the role of the ocean in the economy for over 40 years. “Climate change has made the ocean a threat to the economy in multiple ways.”

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