by Maanvi Singh; rachel christopherson

Bren Smith
Bren Smith left commercial fishing to become a regenerative ocean farmer.

In this article by Maanvi Singh published in the HuffPost on 10/21/19, we see how many good ideas are coming together to create a "Blue New Deal."  The Center for the Blue Economy and Blue Frontier are doing our part--gathering California consensus on a Blue New Deal before going national.

Maanvi tells the story of Bren Smith, a fisherman since the age of 14.  He went from commercial fishing to oyster farming to advocating for 'ocean gardens' that replenish fish stocks and sequester carbon.   Smith now runs the nonprofit GreenWave, which helps fishers across the country and around the world plan their own ocean gardens. He recounts his meandering journey from trawl fisherman to ocean entrepreneur in his 2019 book, “Eat Like a Fish.” 

Ocean farms are “just one little idea,” Smith said. “My thought is: Let’s bundle together and support a thousand climate solutions because they’re out there.”
— from HuffPost article

Maanvi writes:  The Blue New Deal that Smith helped write is one of several similar efforts to articulate what such a proposal could include. Others have suggested investing in offshore wind farms and tidal energy, setting higher air quality standards for ships, and promoting hybrid and hydrogen-fueled vessels.  

The activist group Blue Frontier has gone a step further to also propose flood insurance reform and programs to help people who live in flood-prone areas relocate to higher ground. More than 40% of Americans live along or near the coast, and coastal communities generate nearly half of the United States’ GDP ― about $8 trillion.

“When the best available science is giving us the worst possible scenarios for the ocean, we just have to do something,” said Blue Frontier’s founder, David Helvarg. 
— via HuffPost article

Blue Frontier and the Center for the Blue Economy have taken that sentiment to heart, and are leading the effort to coalesce consensus with thought leaders from business, government, and academia around specific components of a Blue New Deal.    On Friday, Oct.18th, the Ocean Climate Action Summit convened, with an aim to finalize a draft document to take to east coast and Washington D.C. leaders by January of 2020.   The time to act truly is now.      

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