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Image: screenshot from webinar with Soufan Center

CTEC Director and Middlebury Institute Professor Jason Blazakis was a speaker for a webinar hosted by the Soufan Center on April 30th, titled “Disinformation & COVID-19: A Convergence of Conspiracies, Hate, and Rogue Communications”.

This webinar focused on the exploitation of COVID-19 for both disinformation and misinformation campaigns by various actors, its implications for countermeasures and policy, and the geopolitical and security challenges posed by its proliferation. The other two speakers that joined the talk were Phil Cowdell, President of the Consulting Division at The Soufan Group, and Zach Schwitzky, co-founder and CEO of Limbik.

During the course of the webinar, Professor Blazakis stated the following: “When people feel powerless, they seek answers - some of these conspiracies being put forward are about trying to provide people power through a false truth”

Click here to watch the recording:

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