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White Supremacy Extremism report cover
The cover for the report. Credit: The Soufan Center

CTEC’s Director Jason Blazakis, CTEC Lead Researcher Will Morrison and CTEC Intern Leela McClintock contributed to a report published by the Soufan Center on the rise of transnational White Supremacy Extremism. Director Blazakis was recently quoted in an article by VOA reporter Jeff Seldin related to the Soufan Center report.

Regarding white supremacist militant activity in Ukraine, Director Blazakis says: “It’s had a galvanizing effect…It’s given them, for lack of a better word, a playground in which there is turmoil and chaos, a kind of playground that doesn’t exist in a conventional sense in places like the United States.”

To read the full Soufan Center report, click here.