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Jason Blazakis writes op-ed for The Philadelphia Inquirer titled “Domestic Terrorism is fueled by paranoid delusions. Here’s how we fight them.”

Blazakis notes that since 9/11, by any barometer, radical right-wing terrorists have carried out more attacks on the American homeland than ISIS or al-Qaeda-inspired terrorists. These homegrown terrorists are greatly inspired by senior-level political rhetoric, which provokes feelings of conspiracy and an us-vs-them mentality. Blazakis states, “This thinking, coupled with unrelenting social media echo chambers and ready access to semi-automatic weapons, means that domestic terrorism threats will likely continue to metastasize.”

But what can be done to counter this growing threat of domestic terror?

First, according to Blazakis, senior political officials must tone down their divisive rhetoric. Second, the United States Congress and the Executive branch must enact a domestic terror law, which will help to mitigate the lack of prosecution of white supremacists who commit terrorism offenses. Third, the U.S. government must realign its resources and authorities to domestic terrorism threats. And fourth, technology companies must recognize their role in exacerbating the rise of radical right-wing activity and remove white supremacist content from their platforms in the same manner they have removed ISIS-related content.

To read the full op-ed, click here.





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