| by Alex Newhouse

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Moyara Ruehsen, CTEC’s threat financing expert and head of MIIS’s Financial Crime Management program, recently appeared on Vanity Fair to bust myths and check facts about money laundering scenes in movies and TV shows. Assessing media from Wolf of Wall Street to The Sopranos, Ruehsen dives deep into the nuances of money laundering and threat financing, and she finds that some of these shows and films are surprisingly accurate.

For example, Ruehsen explains one of the various money laundering schemes depicted in Narcos, the crime drama series about the life of Pablo Escobar. As she demonstrates, the series stays true to the mechanisms of placement, layering, and integration that Escobar actually carried out. 

Watch more in the video embedded below.

Moyara Ruehsen Fact-checks Money Laundering in TV and Film