| by Anna Phillips

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Hello, and welcome to the next edition of our CTEC in the News series! Another quiet week at CTEC, as we continue to onboard new MIIS and Middlebury students for some exciting new projects - more on that coming soon.

In the meantime, an update regarding this series: For the next few months, I will be taking over these weekly publications for Alex. I am the communications GA for CTEC this semester, and a dual degree student focused on policy studies and far-right extremism here at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. I started at CTEC in the winter, and am looking forward to continuing my research and work here over the next semester!

Enough about me, though - here are the latest updates from us at CTEC:


This week’s news is exclusively on the subject of QAnon, which CTEC experts have been focusing on extensively in recent months. First up: CTEC Director Jason was interviewed for, and featured in, a piece by Coda Story on how QAnon supporters are seeing their views represented in the mainstream, using the example of the RNC. He was quoted in his reference of the danger involved in political mainstream actors giving perceived credibility to such views. Click here for the full article.

Meanwhile, Digital Research Lead Alex Newhouse was featured in an article by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about various themes from QAnon, such as Frazzledrip and Pizzagate, which have shown up in recent “#SaveTheChildren” marches and rhetoric in Georgia. He was referenced in his discussion of the impact COVID-19 has had on the prevalence of these ideas, and how QAnon adherents are trying to expand its recruitment efforts in the mainstream public by softening their language and hijacking legitimate anti-trafficking effforts. Read more here.

That’s all we have for this week! Stay tuned for another round.