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The Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism stands in solidarity with the fight for racial justice and equality in America and with the international Black Lives Matter movement. The protests happening across the US and the world are not about any one instance of police brutality, but about systems of racism and oppression that have existed for generations.

We all must contribute in righting the wrongs of systems that we participate in.

At CTEC, we understand the impact of systemic racism through the white supremacists we monitor; white supremacist terrorism is arguably the biggest security threat facing Americans at home. However, the cause of this threat extends beyond the extremist and terrorist groups that CTEC studies. It also arises from forces that would whitewash, discount, ignore, or even celebrate violence against minorities.

CTEC will continue to monitor and understand the various developments in white supremacist terrorism, but that isn’t enough. We also commit to doing better ourselves: to include more students of color and experts of color in our collaboration and hiring practices. And as a center with an all-white leadership team, we will seek leaders from marginalized groups during our growth and development.

Finally, we want to echo the words from our colleagues at CNS.


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