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In the world of terrorism, the most dangerous weapons are those that are cheap, accessible, and effective—in other words, weapons that have the best “bang for the terrorist’s buck.” Acid is one of these, and acid attacks have surged in popularity in recent years across many parts of the world, which has caused fearful reactions from media and the public in countries like India, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom. 

Such a tactic deserves significant attention, and two of MIIS’s own have done just that. MIIS professor and CTEC expert Philipp Bleek, alongside MIIS alum Cyrus Jabbari, recently gave a lecture on acid terrorism that covers the history, ideological composition, and risk analysis of such attacks. On December 2, they presented at the CBRNe Convergence conference, which annually brings together practitioners who work on chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive threats, especially from terrorists. The conference took place online this year due to the pandemic.

Check out the video below: 

CTEC Presents: Professor Philipp Bleek and MIIS Alum Cyrus Jabbari Discuss Acid Attacks

Jabbari and Bleek are experts on the security risks posed by acid terrorism, and earlier this year they published an in-depth report on the tactic in the magazine CBRNe World.. If you’re interested in learning much more about acid attacks, we highly recommend reading Acid Reign of Terror

Bleek and Jabbari have also collaborated on research on the nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons implications of emerging microfluidics technology and Iranian biological weapons threats