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The Middlebury Institute Master’s in International Trade and Economic Diplomacy (ITED) trains students to be highly skilled professionals in a rapidly changing global marketplace. Our graduates work with businesses, government, IGOs, and NGOs on the world’s most pressing international trade and diplomacy matters.

The three-semester, 48-credit program begins with two semesters of intensive training and courses on our Monterey campus. The third and final semester takes place in our Washington, D.C., location. This ideal experience provides hands-on learning and creates networking opportunities for post-graduation careers.

Students gain a deep understanding of policy analysis and trade negotiations, and course work is presented in the context of real-word and current issues. You’ll have the opportunity to focus on one of three specializations: commercial diplomacy, trade compliance, or a regional specialization. Students also take intercultural competence courses and courses taught in their chosen language of study. See the curriculum for more details.

The Bicoastal Advantage

The ITED program allows you to complete course work in both California and Washington, D.C. This gives you a multicultural and global perspective on trade and policy and allows you to network and explore job markets in two of the world’s largest hubs for global trade.

In Monterey

ITED students enter in the fall and form a cohort team that works together throughout the program. During the first two semesters, you’ll take intensive academic courses covering trade policy, theory and practice; quantitative methods for trade policy; economic diplomacy and negotiation simulations; and trade laws and institutions, as well as advanced foreign language.

Central California is the dominant import/export region in the United States, home to major agricultural firms, the international economic hub in San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. There is ample opportunity for real-world connection to your academic studies.

In Washington, D.C.

During the final semester, students focus on practical training and hands-on experiences to sharpen their knowledge, skills, and capabilities. You’ll attend congressional hearings, administrative and regulatory meetings, and sessions at think tanks, as well as conferences, courses, and workshops with professionals and experts in U.S. and international trade policy.

The Washington experience provides an extraordinary opportunity for you to work on projects with professionals in the field. You can connect with high-level officials and professionals from major trading nations and regions, as well as multilateral institutions such as the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the International Monetary Fund, and the Inter-American Development Bank. Finishing in Washington gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace, and our highly influential Middlebury alumni network is ready to help.

A Rich Heritage

ITED revitalizes a program that was developed at the Institute in the late 1990s to train a new generation of rising stars in government, business, and civil society, who are now in leadership positions in the U.S. Trade Representative’s office, U.S. Department of Commerce, government ministries, embassies, Fortune 500 companies, and global consulting firms, as well as foreign trade agencies and international organizations. 

Joint Degree Options

Earn two degrees in five semesters.

Tuition and Fees

ITED is a three-semester program. Students pay the full-time tuition fee for all three semesters. Visit our Admissions site for detailed information about tuition and fees