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DC Interns MIIS
Middlebury Institute students complete practicum internships in DC (pictured) and around the world.

This spring semester students continue to shape their future career paths by completing internships, applied projects, and research across the globe. 

This spring more than 90 Middlebury Institute students are completing internships, jobs, and consultancies in more than 15 countries as part of their degree program. 

In the United States, students worked with organizations as close as Monterey and as far away as Washington, DC. 

Internationally, students are working in person and virtually for organizations on five continents and in over 15 countries including but not limited to: Ghana, Austria, Mexico, Switzerland, Honduras, France, Kenya, Rwanda, Mozambique, Chile, Egypt, Jordan, Costa Rica, China, and Japan. 

The Middlebury Institute congratulates the following students on their professional and academic achievements this semester. The following section highlights students who have earned internships, jobs, and consultancies as part of their degree requirements. 

Translation and Localization Management Practicum

Students gain real-world experience by completing a substantial individual translation project, a paid or volunteer localization-related internship, or contributing to a research/special project.


Practicum Project

Oussama Bel Aiba

Light & Wonder

Yenory Chaves

Translation By Design

Youra Choi

Women in Localization MIIS

Ann Fisher 

Translation Commons

Wei Gao 

David Bacon Law Firm

Sebah Ghannam


Nicole Henry

LAI Global Game Services

Jingwen Huang

New World Medium

Jocelyn Kwong


Chang Hung Liao


Dustin Liaw


Bahna Miller

Salesforce / MuleSoft

Isela Mosqueira


Leanne Ong

TVT Media

Georgiana Porter


Yifan Ren


Claudia Siegenthaler

Mother Tongue

Brooke Storey 

Dassault Systèmes

Kai Sun

Translators for Elders

Natalie Varney

Salesforce / MuleSoft

Galayna Wade

Supertext USA

Yiwei Wu

Translators for Elders

Liuyi Yang

Easley-Dunn Productions, Inc.

Xingyue Zhang

Tencent America

Jihong Zhou


Zhenzhu Zhou


Faces of those who have interned or worked for Translators for Elders
Every year, Middlebury Institute students work or intern with the MIIS student-founded Translators for Elders nonprofit organization. 

Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) and Teaching Foreign Languages (TFL) Practicum 

The MA in TESOL prepares students for a career in language education. Students integrate theory, research, and pedagogy into a coherent and well-informed approach to planning and executing lessons. They also incorporate these three components when developing and using instructional materials and assessment instruments. Activities and products prepare students for successful entry into the language teaching profession.


TESOL Practicum

Isha Banks

Monterey Peninsula College

Holly Walsh

Community College of Rhode Island

The Linguistics Capstone helps students refine their skills as applied linguistics professionals. Students will develop a curriculum project, an empirical research report, or an assessment tool using original data that they have collected and analyzed. This capstone also aims to encourage the students’ reflection on their previous course work as well as exploration and clarification of their future plans for careers as language teaching professionals.


Linguistics Capstone

Joshua Lester

Curriculum Design Project: Exploring the Benefits of Task-Based, Peer, and Student-Led Learning for Student Engagement

Practicum Projects 

Practicum Projects fulfill the International Policy and Development, MPA, International Education Management, and International Environmental Policy degrees. Deliverables involve the application of DPMI and MPA tools, frameworks, and concepts. 


Practicum Title

Organization (if applicable)

Thea Louise Thomaseth 

White Paper: The State of Higher Education


Deanna Murray 

Enterprise Resource Planning Assessment

Western Valve

Jane Chen

The Measurement of “Human Security”: Evidence from China for An Improved Social Risk Assessment System


Meiqing Wang

Discourse Analysis of the WHO’s COVID Response Texts 


Xiaojing Liu & Moana Yang

Women as Essential Actors in Green Transition and Climate Action


Nicole Irigoyen

Just Children, Just Futures: Serving Youth In Detention and on Probation

CASA of Santa Cruz

Angela  Bocanegra

Monterey County Homeless Systems and Support Analysis

United Way Monterey County

Amrita Shergill

Striving for the Upward Mobility of Poor Minority Populations: Assessing Racial and Economic Inclusion in Fresno’s Economic Development Plan

Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission

Jefferson Stamp

How the Leahy Law could help Prevent Atrocities by Security Forces in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Iraq and Militia Atrocities 

U.S. Department of State

Will Bowmer 

Housing Portal Project 

United Way Monterey County 

Mike Disman 

Research Paper: The Relationship Between NFTs, cryptocurrency and Human Trafficking


Brisa Basset

U.S. Immigration Policy Reform


Salma Rashid

Research on Child Protection in Ghana 


LaTasha Weston 



Yeqi Jin

The digital transformation in higher education in the EU: an evaluation of the Digital Education Action Plan (DEAP).

Galina, a MIIS student, talks in a conference room
Galina Salnikova (NPTS ‘23) speaks with colleagues at the UN Office for Disarmament in Vienna, Austria.

Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) Dual-Degree Final Semester Internships

During the fourth semester, students in this dual-degree program have devoted devoted their time and effort to an internship and thesis writing, with the student’s location determined on a case-by-case basis.


Project Title

Organization (if applicable)

Hannah Harris

Shooting Stars and SLBMs: the role of international scientific cooperation and dual-use technologies in the development of North Korea’s nuclear missile program


Edward Kendall

Nuclear Security Cooperation in the de facto States of the Former Soviet Union

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Intel and Systems Analysis Group (Los Alamos, NM), June 2022 - Present

Galina Salnikova

The Russian Federation in the NPT Review Cycle 2022-2025: key challenges, priorities and recommendations for further actions

U.N. Office for Disarmament in Vienna 

Darya Kheirie

Effectiveness of sanctions as a tool of nonproliferation: case study of the Iranian nuclear program

James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (Washington DC), January-April 2023

Aleksandra Aladko

Russia-China Cooperation in Nuclear Energy: Status and Prospects

James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (Washington DC), January-April 2023

Océane Van Geluwe

Cyberthreat assessment of Nuclear Facilities

El Organismo para la Proscripción de las Armas Nucleares en América Latina y el Caribe (OPANAL)

Chip Myers

Defining and Exploring the Implications of the term “Strategic” in US-Russian Strategic Arms Control Diplomacy: A Historical View

Council for a Livable World

Konstantin Larionov

The Role of Coalitions in the NPT Review Process: Historical Experience, Сurrent State and Prospects for Cooperation

VCDNP Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

Rebecca Pantani

Technical Prospects of an Arms Race in Outer Space: Verification Tools and Legal Framework

United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs

Advanced Program Evaluation Practicum

The following students completed their evaluation projects for their practicum. Through Advance Program Evaluation Practicum students evaluated:


Tuyisenge Dina

Bryan Frank

Munira Muradi

Ryan Quinn 

International Education Management (IEM) Practicum

Many IEM students gain professional experience through the IEM practicum, working with study abroad programs, colleges and universities, youth exchange programs, ESL or language programs, and government agencies around the world.

Name Location Organization

Melina Diaz

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Gerizim Christian School

Luciano Herrera Guijosa

Long Beach, CA

Cal-State University Long Beach

Jacinda Higgins

San Bernardino, CA

CSUSB College of Extended and Global Education as an International Program Specialist

Chise Kerns

Indianapolis, IN, Prague, Czech Republic, and London, UK

Institute for Study Abroad

Elena Klein

Paris, France

UNESCO Paris, International Institute for Educational Planning

Jason Little

Nevada City, CA

Sutter County Superintendent of School Districts Outdoor Education Programming

Marissa Ruhno

Santa Cruz CA and rural Central America


Image depicting erosion
Two Middlebury Institute spring practicum students were awarded prestigious California Sea Grant fellowships. Students continue in this paid fellowship after their final practicum semester. Past MIIS Sea Grant fellowship recipients have worked on how erosion will impact our coastlines.   

International Professional Service Semester (IPSS)

For many students, the IPSS experience acts as a stepping stone to a future career. The program’s networking possibilities and international exposure are just a few of the benefits students receive through their participation. An IPSS assignment complements a student’s degree focus by providing an applied learning environment for students to develop skills and knowledge not covered in traditional classes.

Name Location Organization

Brianna Kennedy

Monterey, CA

City of Monterey

David Hendershot

Monterey, CA and Multiple Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa

African Wildlife Foundation

Emily Belding

Monterey and San Francisco, CA

Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) and Fallaron Strategies

Elizabeth Hofius

San José, Costa Rica

United World Colleges Costa Rica

Alexander Shahbazi

Monterey, CA

Polar Bears International

Benjamin Dorfman

Monterey, CA

California Sea Grant: Ocean Protection Council

Prati Rosen

Monterey, CA

Conservation International, Solutions for Marine and Coastal Resilience (SOMACORE)

Courtney Kudera

Santiago, Chile

FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (FAO RLC)

Molly Ryan

Monterey, CA

ESP Advisors (Ocean Priorities)

Shivani Tambi

Cairo, Egypt

FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa

Keaton Sandeman

Monterey, CA

CT Research: Indigenous People vs Decarbonization? Exploring and overcoming conflicts between mining of critical materials for clean technology and Native rights, lands and cultures in the US.

Jam Mutschler

Nantucket, MA

Nantucket Land Bank

Marissa Castro

Portland, OR

Ocean Outcomes and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

Rachel Herring

Monterey, CA

CT Research: Indigenous People vs Decarbonization? Exploring and overcoming conflicts between mining of critical materials for clean technology and Native rights, lands and cultures in the US.

Madeline Warner

Washington, DC

The Ocean Foundation

Alan Sevin

Washington, CA

National Parks Service

Jaime Gonzalez Canon

Arlington, VA 

Conservation International, Global Restoration Team

Mallory Hoffbeck

Monterey, CA

Center for the Blue Economy

Megan Spitzer

Imperial Beach, CA

California Sea Grant: Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve

Sam Fino

Amman, Jordan

FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa

Shizuka Kuramitsu

Geneva, Switzerland

United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR)

Hannah Majidi

Moka, Japan

Moka City Hall

Daisy Johnson

Monterey, CA

In Good Taste

Gabriela Del Canto

Washington, DC

US Department of State

Verna Al-ag

Carmel, CA

Healing and Reconciliation Institute

Tessa Yumbe

Monterey, CA

Coalition of Homeless Services Providers

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