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Visiting Professor, Translation & Interpretation, Chinese

PE1498.2.C55C33 2014
Cai, Lijian. 翻译研修实用指南 = A Practical Guide to Upgrading Translation Competence. Beijing: Beijing da xue chu ban she, 2014.

PE1498.2.C55C34 2016
Cai, Lijian. 公文翻译: 译.注.评 = A Casebook in Document Translation. Beijing: Qing hua da xue chu ban she, 2016.

PE1498.2.C55C35 2011
Cai, Lijian. 英汉实意翻译 : 案例讲评 = English-Chinese Effective Translation. Beijing Shi: Wai wen chu ban she, 2011.

HF1604 2017
Cai, Lijian. 中国关键词: "一带一路"篇 = Keywords to Understand China: The Belt and Road Initiative. Beijing: Xin shi jie chu ban she, 2017.