Information on library policies for borrowing materials and using the facilities, study rooms, and computers.

Borrowing Policies

All patrons must have a current Middlebury Institute ID or library card in order to borrow materials.

Loan Periods

Type Loan Period
Circulating Books 3 weeks
Reference Books Overnight at closing
Career Books 1 week
Reserve Books 3/24/72 hours
Games 72 hours
Desk Reference 2 hours/library use only
Magazine/Journal Back Issues 1 week
Theses Library use only
Newspapers Library use only
DVDs 1 week
Headphones/Chargers/Cables 1 day/library use only
Interlibrary Loan Materials To be determined

Overdue Fines

Type Fine
Circulating/Career Books No fine
3/24/72-Hour Reserve Books $1.00/hour
Reference Books No fine
Magazine/Journal Back Issues No fine
DVDs No fine
Interlibrary Loan Materials To be determined by lending library

While there are no fines for most overdue library items, borrowing privileges may be temporarily revoked until overdue items are returned or renewed. Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy to patrons; responsibility for fines is not dependent on receipt of notices.

Lost Materials

Type Fine
Circulating/Career Books $75.00
Magazines/Journals $20.00
Reference Books $125.00
DVDs $45.00
Interlibrary Loan Materials To be determined by lending library

All lost materials are charged an additional processing fee of $20.00.

Default values are determined by type of item. Individual items may have a higher replacement cost.

Circulation Desk Hours

The Circulation Desk closes half an hour before the library closes. Reference books may be checked out during the half hour before the Circulation Desk closes and are due back during the first hour of the following day.


Materials may be renewed online through Renew Your Books when not overdue or on hold for another user. Items may also be renewed at the Circulation Desk. Telephone renewals are not permitted.

Type Renewals
Circulating/Career Books Max. 4 renewals
Magazine/Journal Back Issues 1 renewal
DVDs 1 renewal
3/24/72-Hour Reserve Books No renewals
Reference Books No renewals
Desk Reference Books No renewals
Interlibrary Loan Materials To be determined by lending library

Nonrenewable items must be back on the shelf for a minimum of 1 day before they may be checked out again by the same patron.


Materials may be placed in the outdoor book return slot to the left of the library entrance at any time. Returns may be placed in the slot at the circulation counter when the library is open.

Revoked Privileges

Library borrowing privileges may be revoked if a patron

  • Damages or defaces library materials in any way

  • Deliberately attempts to remove materials from the library without checking them out

  • Refuses to return materials that have been recalled by the library

  • Refuses to pay overdue fines and/or replacement charges

Facilities Policies

The library building and outside entrance area serve both the Institute community and visiting patrons. Please observe these policies in your use of the facilities.

Fletcher Jones Instructional Lab

The instructional lab may be reserved by faculty and staff for the following purposes:

  • Library instruction

  • Library conferences and meetings

  • Career workshops

  • Videoconferences using installed unit

  • Group webinars

  • Class viewing of A/V materials as arranged by instructor

Please allow up to 24 hours for processing requests.


The second floor of the library is a designated Quiet Zone. Patrons may talk quietly on the first floor, but please do not disturb library users who are trying to study. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Cell Phones

Please silence your cell phone if you are on the second floor. You may have a quiet, brief cell phone conversation on the first floor, provided you are not disturbing other patrons.

Food and Drink

  • Food is NOT allowed on the second floor. 

  • Food is allowed on the first floor. Please keep food in spill-proof containers.

  • Beverages are allowed throughout the library. Please keep in leak-proof, spill-proof containers. 

  • Take precautions to avoid spillage and soiling of library materials, furniture, computers, and carpet.

  • Report accidental spills to library staff immediately.

  • Dispose of food waste in garbage and compost bins outside the library.

  • We reserve the right to ask people to take food and/or beverages outside the library.

  • Be considerate of others in the library.


Smoking and tobacco products are prohibited in the library.

Storage of Bags, Bicycles, and Other Personal Possessions

Patrons may not leave bags or other personal items at the library front desk or other staff areas. Bicycles and scooters are not allowed in the library.

Lost and Found

Items found in the library or collected by library staff are kept at the front desk. Unclaimed items are taken to Campus Security on a regular basis. Valuable items such as wallets and passports are taken immediately to Campus Security.

Safety and Security

  • Please do not leave personal belongings unattended.

  • Please practice safe use of electrical outlets in the library. Laptop cords stretched across walkways are a tripping hazard. Plug laptops into outlets immediately next to where you are working.

  • Please notify library staff immediately if you witness a theft or are aware of any safety or security problems.

  • Three red Campus Security phones are located in the Library for use in case of emergency or immediate security concerns.


The Middlebury Institute Library does not accept donations of library materials.