Data last updated December 2019

Data Collection

Data was collected from the following class surveys at graduation and one year after graduation, as well as from individual communications with Middlebury Institute career advisors:

  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2018* 

* Includes additional data from LinkedIn

Surveys and alignment of data from all sources are administered by Middlebury’s Office of Assessment and Institutional Research.

The class of 2017 received an institutional survey sent to all alumni from all of Middlebury’s schools—this data is collected for a different purpose.


  • Employed includes full-time and part-time employment, internships, and fellowships.
  • Other includes volunteers.
  • Alumni who self-report as “not seeking employment” are not included in this section.


  • Due to cost of living differences and currency conversion across countries, only U.S.-based employees are included in the salary data.
  • Only full-time employees are included in the salary data.


  • Only alumni who are employed or continuing their education are included in this section.
  • Language use is based on data from the class of 2018 only.

Industry vs. Function

  • Note that industry refers to the field the employer is in, whereas function hones in on the primary responsibilities of our alumni within their organizations.