Graduates of our Translation and Interpretation master’s degree programs are sought after internationally to work as both freelance and in-house language professionals for private businesses, governments, and nongovernmental organizations.

Alumni Careers

Amy Mendenhall

Amy Mendenhall

First Job after Graduation: Translator, United Nations (New York City, New York)

Internship: Translation Intern—Finance, Technicis (Paris, France)

Degree: Conference Interpretation

Languages of Study: English, French, Spanish

Institute Advantage: I absolutely cannot believe my life. I am so thankful to Professor Christiane Abel for training me to do this job. It is exactly as fulfilling as I hoped it would be.

Story: Everyday is something different working at the U.N.

John Ellis

John Ellis

First Job after Graduation: Freelance translator, interpreter, and interpretation instructor (São Paulo, Brazil)

Internship: Course Instructor—Associação Alumni (São Paulo, Brazil)

Degree: Translation and Interpretation

Languages of Study: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese

Immersive Learning Opportunity: I spent two weeks at the United Nations in Geneva. The experience allowed me to work in different dummy booths during live meetings and practice my different language combinations by switching between the floor and relay channels. Moreover, I met many Institute alumni who were working at the UN as full time interpreters. Watch the video.

Institute Advantage: The coursework is extremely demanding and led me to develop my own note-taking system for consecutive interpretation (note-taking strategies develop our listening and help us to be more discerning when it comes to precision in meaning).

Hirofumi Jinno

Hirofumi Jinno

Current Employment: Translator, International Monetary Fund (Washington, D.C.)

First Job after Graduation: Global Communications Manager, Sprint (Overland Park, Kansas)

Degree: Translation and Interpretation

Languages of Study: Japanese, English

Immersive Learning Opportunity: East Asia Practicum (Japan)

Institute Advantage: I heard about my current job at the IMF through the Middlebury Institute network! The foundational skills the program taught me were extremely helpful, from working as a language specialist in a big U.S. tech firm to freelancing for Japanese nonprofits. Although I now focus on English-into-Japanese translation, receiving training for translation and interpretation in two directions has given me flexibility and adaptability as a professional. As a part of my work, I revise translation performed by freelancers and provide them with feedback. Since receiving and giving feedback was an essential part of the curriculum and we learned how to give constructive suggestions to one another, I now feel more confident in giving feedback to other translators.

Frances Chang, Translation graduate

Frances Pao-Fang Chang

Current Employment: Operations Program Manager, Andovar (Bangkok, Thailand)

First Job After Graduation: Localization Project Manager, Star Group (Bangkok, Thailand)

Internship: Intern, Star Group (Bangkok, Thailand)

Degree: Translation

Languages of Study: Chinese, English

Institute Advantage: From the Career Management course and mandatory career advising sessions to two major career fairs, I was pushed to think of a career early on and prepare for it. Along with the challenging academic programs and strong support network, I became more confident in job hunting, which would have otherwise been a daunting task. I found my internship with Star Group at an Institute career fair in February 2016. I received a job offer in February 2017 and moved to Bangkok in July 2017.

Muguel Garcia

Miguel Garcia

Current Employment Freelance Conference Interpreter with clients including the United States State Department and the Organization of American States (Washington, D.C.)

Degree: Conference Interpretation

Languages of Study: English, French, Spanish

Institute Advantage: The coursework and high academic expectations were by far the most valuable component in preparing me for a career after graduation. Middlebury Institute professors armed students with tools and techniques to grow as professionals after graduation. The Washington, D.C. market deals with a rich variety of topics, so knowing how to prepare for meetings—whether about security or finance or human rights—is absolutely essential. Coming into this market, I felt ready to take on that challenge thanks to the faculty and staff at the Institute.

Céline Colvin

Céline Colvin

Current Employment: Staff Diplomatic Interpreter, U.S. Department of State (Washington, D.C.)

First Job After Graduation: Freelance Translator, CC Translation Services

Degree: Conference Interpretation

Languages of Study: English, French

Story: Three Alumnae Interpreters Support White House State Dinner for French President Macron

Nina Fink

Nina Fink

Current Employment: French to English Translator, Embassy of France in the U.S. (Washington, D.C.)

First Job After Graduation: Conference and Seminar Interpreter, U.S. Department of State

Degree: Translation and Interpretation

Languages of Study: English, French

Internship: Translation internship with l’Association française de gestion financière (Paris, France)

Institute Advantage: The Middlebury Institute community was immensely helpful to me. My career was shaped by excellent professors, talented, kind fellow graduates and the support of the Institute community around the world. From the professor who showed me the way when I decided to launch my career in Paris to the many Institute graduates I have the pleasure of working with, I am proud to be part of this community every step of the way.

Dawnielle Jacobson

Dawnielle Jacobson

Current Employment: Freelance Translator (Interlachen, Florida)—the Institute’s Translation and Interpretation as a Profession course taught me everything that I needed to know to start my own business

Degree: Translation

Languages of Study: English, French, Spanish

First Job After Graduation: The English Translation Service at United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York. That amazing opportunity was made possible through the Institute, and I continue to benefit from that connection as a regular freelancer for the UN.

Immersive Learning Opportunity: I took a winter-term course about the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Institute Advantage: The skills I learned at the Institute didn’t just improve my ability to translate; they helped me to become a better writer in my native language as well. Improving my native language helped me keep things interesting by allowing me to work as an editor, copywriter, and occasional transcriber. One of my favorite non-translation jobs is writing guidebooks for European tours. The Institute’s Center for Advising and Career Services was instrumental in launching my career, and my internship at the UN led to a number of other opportunities.

One Year After Graduation

Many of our alumni are in rewarding careers around the world; scroll down to see where they are and what they are doing within 12 months of graduation.

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China; Germany; India; Japan; Kazakhstan; Mexico; Russia; South Korea; Spain; Switzerland; Taiwan; Thailand; United States


In addition to working in translation, interpretation, and localization roles, our alumni also work in jobs with the following primary functions:

  • Administration
  • Analyst / Research
  • Communications / Marketing / PR
  • Management / Strategic Planning
  • Operations / Project Management
  • Teaching / Training
  • Other
Select Employers
  • Accurapid
  • Amplexor
  • Anzu Global
  • Artbean
  • Beijing Automotive Industry Group
  • Beijing Foreign Studies University
  • Box, Inc.
  • Cachet Hotel Group
  • Chen Yoshimura LLP
  • China Today Magazine
  • Chinese Government
  • Darthmouth Hitchcock at Nashua
  • DeNA
  • Department of State
  • e2f translations
  • E4NET
  • EDGE
  • Faraday Future
  • Foreign Languages Press 
  • Freelance
  • Global Language Solutions
  • Government of india 
  • Herbalife International 
  • HIPR PacSoft Technologies
  • Honda Language Services
  • Honda R&D
  • Huawei
  • Hudson Legal Group
  • Iinterpret, Inc. 
  • Industrial Construction Group
  • ISI
  • KamaGames Studio
  • Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages
  • Language Automation, Inc.
  • Leipzig University
  • Lingoda GmbH
  • LinkedIn
  • Maricopa County Superior Court
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (China)
  • Moji Fengyun Software Tech Developing Co., Ltd
  • Morningside Translations
  • New Zealand Embassy in Beijing 
  • Otsuka America pharmaceutical 
  • Philips lighting
  • Ping An Bank Co., Ltd
  • Prince George’s County Public Schools
  • ProTranslating
  • Reproductive Partners Medical Group
  • Riot Games
  • RR Donnelley
  • SAI Global
  • Santa Barbara Unified School District
  • SAP
  • SK hynix America
  • Special Aerospace Services
  • Sprint
  • Stanford Children’s Hospital
  • Stanford Health Care
  • Syntes Language Group
  • Taiwan Government
  • Technicis
  • The Ministry of National Defense
  • TransPerfect
  • TV+Synchron Berlin GmbH
  • United Nations
  • Ventura County Superior Court
  • Vox Orbis
  • Welocalize
  • World Intellectual Property Organization
  • World Learning 
Select Positions
  • Analyst
  • Communications Specialist
  • Conference Interpreter
  • Diplomat
  • Editor
  • Fellow
  • Freelance Interpreter
  • Freelance Translator
  • Instructor / Teacher
  • Interpreter
  • Investor Relations
  • Language Services Specialist 
  • Lecturer 
  • Management Trainee
  • Medical Interpreter
  • Professor of Simultaneous Interpretation 
  • Translation Engineer
  • Translator 
  • Translator and Interpreter



Summer 2019

Secured Opportunity: 94%

Locations: China, France, Germany, Mexico, South Korea, United States


  • Acolad (formerly Technicis)
  • Bureau Works
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • CS Mexico
  • Daikin
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Facebook
  • Freelance
  • Lilith Games
  • Lingua-World
  • Middlebury Institute of International Studies
  • Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Mount Sinai Morningside
  • Mount Sinai West
  • Peschel Communications
  • RWS Moravia
  • SDL
  • Stanford Healthcare Hospital
  • Toyota
  • UC Davis Health
  • US Embassy in Seoul
  • Zhixing Scholars Forum

Position Titles

  • Escort Interpreter
  • Freelance Translator
  • Intern
  • Interpretation Intern
  • Interpreter
  • Linguistic Tester
  • Localization Intern
  • Localization Project Manager
  • Medical Interpreter Intern
  • Project Coordinator Intern
  • Recruiting Graduate Assistant
  • Translation Intern
  • Translator and Interpreter

Past Internships

Years: 2017, 2018

Locations: Austria, China, France, Switzerland, United States

Select Employers

  • Bilingual Language Services
  • China Education Association of International Exchange
  • Donnelley Language Solutions
  • eBay
  • Eclectic Translations 
  • Ernst & Young 
  • Goodman 
  • Honda R&D
  • Huawei
  • Inter-American Development Bank 
  • LanguageLine Solutions
  • Law office of Michael Zhang
  • Lilt
  • Maine Medical Center 
  • Maricopa County Superior Court
  • MasterWord Services
  • Ministry of Education (China)
  • Moravia
  • Mount Sinai Health System 
  • Multiling
  • Russian American Foundation
  • Shanghai New Oriental School
  • Shared Research Latitude
  • Stanford Health Care
  • Technicis (Acolad)
  • TransPerfect
  • UC Davis Medical Center
  • United Nations
  • University of Southern California 
  • Voice of America Russian Department
  • WIPO
  • Yobi